Ant Queen Achievement List

Blue Queen Blue Queen
You’ve made it. You are a blue blooded Queen now!
Red Queen Red Queen
Congratulations. They call you the Red Queen
Yellow Queen Yellow Queen
You are now known as the Yellow Queen
Super army Super army
It’s quite an army you got there, my Queen
Digger swarm Digger swarm
So many diggers, so many rocks to displace
Worker swarm Worker swarm
Workers, workers everywhere
Soldier battalion Soldier battalion
A battalion of soldier just to answer your command
General Queen General Queen
So many super soldiers, nobody can threaten you know
Digger empire Digger empire
No rock will be left unturned
Workers empire Workers empire
They do as you command
Soldier legions Soldier legions
You’re going to crunch any threat under your legions
A Queen story A Queen story
Now you are trully a Queen
First spider First spider
It is the first, it won’t be the last
First caterpillar First caterpillar
That one should have stay in his cocoon
First beetle First beetle
One less beetle, one more space
5 spiders kills 5 spiders kills
Now we’re getting spider-serious
5 caterpillar kills 5 caterpillar kills
Those caterpillars will not annoy anobody else anymore
5 bettles kills 5 bettles kills
5 less beetles, one happy Queen
20 spiders kills 20 spiders kills
You are not leaving any spider left on this earth
20 caterpillars kills 20 caterpillars kills
You are known as the caterpillar killer
20 beetles kills 20 beetles kills
There is no beetle that you won’t crush
Bug exterminator Bug exterminator
You don’t like competition, so you kill them all
Spider cruncher Spider cruncher
You leave a trail of dead spider behind you
Caterpillar cruncher Caterpillar cruncher
You leave a trail of dead caterpillar behing you
Beetle cruncher Beetle cruncher
You leave a trail of dead beetle behind you
Digger Queen Digger Queen
You are the Queen of the underground. You’re diggers make cathedrals
Super Healthy Super Healthy
You are the perfect Queen
Strong Queen Strong Queen
It takes a colony to kill you
Super Strong Queen Super Strong Queen
Killing you would take a long long time
Survived First Summer Survived First Summer
You have the survival instinct
Green Queen Green Queen
Hail the Green Queen