Anomaly 2 Achievement List

Hidden Achievement
Doomsday Weapon Specialist Doomsday Weapon Specialist
Upload Project’s Shockwave data to Doctor Zander.
Hidden Achievement
VR Is Overrated VR Is Overrated
Finish all VR trainings.
Hidden Achievement
I'm Sick of Snow I’m Sick of Snow
Cross the border of the Anomaly.
Hidden Achievement
Have You Seen Amundsen? Have You Seen Amundsen?
Reach Antarctica.
Hidden Achievement
New Neighbors New Neighbors
Finish the game but spare Alien cocoons.
Hidden Achievement
Eternal Winter Is Coming Eternal Winter Is Coming
Finish the game by destroying the Anomaly.
First Blood First Blood
Destroy 10 towers.
Demolisher Demolisher
Destroy 100 towers.
Destroyer Destroyer
Destroy 1000 towers.
Two In One Two In One
Morph your units 5 times.
Back And Forth Back And Forth
Morph your units 50 times.
I Just Can't Decide! I Just Can’t Decide!
Morph your units 100 times.
Little Collector Little Collector
Gather 20 abilities.
Suit Up! Suit Up!
Gather 500 abilities.
Full Refund Full Refund
Sell 10 units for their full price.
It's Better Than Nothing It’s Better Than Nothing
Sell 10 units for the price lower than their original.
Squad Merchant Squad Merchant
Buy 50 units.
Squad Quartermaster Squad Quartermaster
Buy 100 units.
Pimp My Ride Pimp My Ride
Fully upgrade one of your units.
That's What I Call a Convoy! That’s What I Call a Convoy!
Build a convoy made of 6 units.
Towers Bane Towers Bane
Destroy 10 towers of each type.
They're Mine, Mine! They’re Mine, Mine!
Gather 10 units of Carusaurum.
Money Is Everything Money Is Everything
Gather 100 units of Carusaurum.
I'm Rich! I’m Rich!
Gather 1000 units of Carusaurum.
Gold Standard Gold Standard
Earn a gold medal.
Fist of Stone Fist of Stone
Earn 3 gold medals of Ruthlessness.
Armor of Steel Armor of Steel
Earn 3 gold medals of Efficiency.
Speed of Light Speed of Light
Earn 3 gold medals of Swiftness.
War Hero War Hero
Earn every gold medal there is to earn in this game.
Young Rural Professional Young Rural Professional
MULTI: Play one match without surrendering.
Die Hard Die Hard
MULTI: Lose 5 matches in a row.
Never Surrender! Never Surrender!
MULTI: Win after losing 3 or more matches.
Tech Maniac Tech Maniac
MULTI: Buy forth technology level.
Nothing Personal - I'm Just Better Nothing Personal – I’m Just Better
MULTI: Win a match by points advantage.
Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg
MULTI: Win a match in less than 5 minutes. [Surrender doesn’t count]
Call Me Hamster Call Me Hamster
MULTI: Hold a total of 50 abilities at once.
Mastah Explorah Mastah Explorah
MULTI: Unlock all maps.
Killstreak Killstreak
MULTI: Win 3 matches in a row.
Nothing Can Stop Me Nothing Can Stop Me
MULTI: Win 5 matches in a row.
Baptism of fire Baptism of fire
MULTI: Win 20 matches in total.
Veteran Veteran
MULTI: Win 50 matches in total.
True fan True fan
MULTI: Win 100 matches in total.
Tower unplugged Tower unplugged
MULTI: Destroy the generator.
The Commander Is Born The Commander Is Born
MULTI: Win a match by playing the Squad.
Guns of Navarone Guns of Navarone
MULTI: Buy a Damage technology on third level and A.I.M. technology on the forth.
One Shot Is All I Need One Shot Is All I Need
MULTI: Destroy the generator that has full HP with just one shot.
Ultimate Power Ultimate Power
MULTI: Having a HERO upgrade bought on third level of tech and whichever ability upgrade on the forth throw this ability during a match and boost it by Drone Support.
Bandit Bandit
MULTI: Destroy 10 towers without losing a unit.
Juggernaut Juggernaut
MULTI: Destroy 25 towers without losing a unit.
Reaper Reaper
MULTI: Destroy 50 towers without losing a unit.
I'm On Fire! I’m On Fire!
MULTI: Win by playing the Squad 3 times in a row.
Veni, Vidi, Vici! Veni, Vidi, Vici!
MULTI: Win by playing the Squad at least once on every map.
Kiss My Shiny Golden A** Kiss My Shiny Golden A**
MULTI: Compose a convoy worth 3000 units of Carusaurum.
All targets eliminated All targets eliminated
MULTI: Destroy whole convoy.
The Other Side The Other Side
MULTI: Play Towers in multiplayer mode.
Call Me Alien Call Me Alien
MULTI: Win a match while controlling the Towers.
Taste My Fire! Taste My Fire!
MULTI: Buy Damage upgrade on third level and Berserk upgrade on forth.
It's Good To Be An Alien It’s Good To Be An Alien
MULTI: Win by playing the Towers three times in a row.
Energy Wave Specialist Energy Wave Specialist
MULTI: Use tower energy waves 25 times in one match.
Divine Wind Divine Wind
MULTI: Kill the whole convoy by using one kamikadze.
Carusaurum, My Preciousss Carusaurum, My Preciousss
MULTI: Harvest 500 Carusaurum units in one match.
No Need For a Bloodshed No Need For a Bloodshed
MULTI: Harvest 600 points in one match.
Abilities Addict Abilities Addict
MULTI: Harvest 90 abilities in one match.
This Is My Planet! This Is My Planet!
MULTI: Win by playing the Towers on every map.