Animated Puzzles Achievement List

Puzzler Puzzler
Complete tier 1.
Experienced puzzler Experienced puzzler
Complete all tiers.
Master Puzzler Master Puzzler
Complete all tier puzzles in hard.
Repetitive puzzler Repetitive puzzler
Complete a tier puzzle in all difficulties.
Maniac puzzler Maniac puzzler
Complete all tier puzzles in all difficulties.
Shape shifter Shape shifter
Complete all tier puzzles with three different puzzle piece shapes.
Upside down Upside down
Complete the “sunset house” puzzle upside down. (Normal difficulty, square shape)
En garde En garde
Begin a battle.
One win wonder One win wonder
Win a battle.
I do this daily I do this daily
Get a medal in Daily challenges.
Daily champion Daily champion
Get a diamond medal in Daily challenges.
Checker Checker
Complete the dandelion puzzle like a checker board, by placing only every second piece of the puzzle. Begins with top left corner. (Normal difficulty, square shape)
Horizontal Stripes Horizontal Stripes
Complete the cow puzzle in stripes, by placing pieces only on every second row. Begins with top left corner. (Normal difficulty, square shape)
Sleepy cat Sleepy cat
Complete the “black cat” puzzle within 2 minutes. (Normal difficulty, square shape)