Ancient Space Achievement List

The Grand Collector The Grand Collector
Make 130 Discoveries.
The Victor The Victor
Complete the campaign.
The Maw of the Zone The Maw of the Zone
Assemble the fleet for the expedition. Complete Mission 1.
Deep Venture Deep Venture
Venture deeper into the Zone. Complete Mission 5.
The Awful Truth The Awful Truth
Find out what happened to the previous expedition. Complete Mission 10.
Pirate Takeover Pirate Takeover
Board a secured station.
Constructor Constructor
Build each of the available building types.
By the way By the way
Perform an optional objective.
Savior of the Federation Savior of the Federation
Complete the campaign in under 8 hours of total mission time.
The Conqueror The Conqueror
Secure all stations in a single mission.
Do it yourself Do it yourself
In Mission 7, complete the optional objective without ever picking up the target object.
There Is No Time! There Is No Time!
In mission 10, do not reinforce any building slots (you can board them though).
Safe from Harm Safe from Harm
In mission 1, at least two of your assigned cargo ships must survive until they reach Sector 2.
Ghost Busters Ghost Busters
Do not lose any units to invisible attackers in Mission 6.
Jolly Roger Jolly Roger
Reach the Katarina with Corsairs in under 8 minutes in Mission 7.
Alien Guerrilla Alien Guerrilla
Destroy FTL blockades without losing more than 4 alien units in Mission 14.
The Hive The Hive
Complete Mission 15 producing only small units.
At All Costs At All Costs
Complete Mission 11 with the forcefield generator losing no more than 25% of its hit points.
Release the Kraken! Release the Kraken!
Board a Kraken in Mission 12.
Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg
In mission 13, capture 3 units, destroy 3 enemy units and destroy 3 enemy buildings – all within 5 minutes.
Tamer of Titans Tamer of Titans
Board at least 5 XL enemy units in Mission 13.
Explorer Explorer
Find all Discoveries in a single mission from 2 to 15.
Harr Harr Harr! Harr Harr Harr!
Complete a mission deploying only a single corsair and no other units.
An Englishman's Home is His Castle An Englishman’s Home is His Castle
Construct a self-defending, self-repairing, self-protecting, enemy-detecting and enemy-attacking group of buildings.
Get Your Hands Dirty Get Your Hands Dirty
Destroy at least 30 units in a single mission using the Olympus.
No Quarter No Quarter
Complete the campaign in Hardcore Mode.
All Hands on Deck All Hands on Deck
Use the ability of every officer at least once during a single campaign.
Tower Warfare Tower Warfare
Destroy an enemy Station with another building.
War Machine War Machine
Have at least 7 XL units in a single mission.
Optimus Prime Optimus Prime
Command at least one Mk.2 unit of each unit type.