Ampu-Tea Achievement List

Getting Thirsty... Getting Thirsty…
Robot arm powered up and ready for action – time for you to make your first hot drink.
Clear every object off the table.
Milk does the body good Milk does the body good
Added milk to a drink
Just a spoonful of sugar... Just a spoonful of sugar…
Added sugar to a drink
Obsessive Tea Drinker. Obsessive Tea Drinker.
Played the game 500 times.
Keep Calm, Make Tea Keep Calm, Make Tea
Added a teabag to a drink. BEFORE the water.
Tea! Earl Gray! Hot! Tea! Earl Gray! Hot!
Added hot water to a drink. AFTER the teabag.
Smashing! Smashing!
Broke a cup.
Flipping the table Flipping the table
Really lose your temper.
You broke it, you pay for it! You broke it, you pay for it!
Broke your arm. Again.
You served. You served.
Finally made a perfect cup of tea.