America’s Army: Proving Grounds Achievement List

Day Zero Day Zero
Complete your first objective
First Victory First Victory
Win your first match
Double Time Double Time
Win via Extract in under 45 seconds
Fast Fingers Fast Fingers
Disarm the C4 with under one second remaining
Hat Trick Hat Trick
Extract the objective three times in a match
Bomb Gardener Bomb Gardener
Plant the C4 three times in a match
Bomb Harvester Bomb Harvester
Defuse the C4 three times in a match
Guidon Guardian Guidon Guardian
Earn a Hawkeye and a Defender in the same round in an extract match
Bouncer Bouncer
Earn a Hawkeye and a Defender in the same round in a C4 match
Ninja Dirt Nap Ninja Dirt Nap
Perform a take down on an enemy while he is defusing the bomb
Pacifist Pacifist
Win a round where no enemies were neutralized
Fashionably Late Fashionably Late
Win a round with less than five seconds remaining
Taste Your Own Medicine Taste Your Own Medicine
Neutralize an enemy with a Czervanian weapon
Blackout Blackout
Earn On Point via a take down
Neutralize an enemy with a unsighted sniper rifle
Caught Dozing Caught Dozing
Neutralize an enemy while they are reloading
Two Birds - One Stone Two Birds – One Stone
Neutralize two or more enemies with a single frag grenade
Collateral Damage Collateral Damage
Neutralize two or more enemies with a single round from any weapon
Ground Pounder Ground Pounder
Take down a prone enemy
Last Chance Qualifier Last Chance Qualifier
Neutralize an enemy with the last round in a magazine
Arms Dealer Arms Dealer
Get a neutralization with every US & CZ weapons
Clean Sweep Clean Sweep
Eliminate the entire enemy team with no losses on your team
1A Whiskey 1A Whiskey
Neutralize an enemy while at 1% health
Taking Out The Trash Taking Out The Trash
Secure five enemies within a single round
Everybody's Buddy Everybody’s Buddy
Revive three teammates within a single round
Death After Life Death After Life
Neutralize an enemy with a grenade after dying
Hooah Hooah
Win a round without taking damage
Army Strong Army Strong
Win a match without being neutralized
Cesar Bravo Cesar Bravo
Neutralize 33 enemies within a match
Flash Fire Flash Fire
Neutralize an enemy while flashed
Run & Gun Run & Gun
Earn a Hawkeye within the first 30 seconds of a round
Clean Run Clean Run
Play an entire match with no friendly fire incidents
Step-Up Step-Up
Neutralize an enemy who is on a ladder
Private Private
Reach the rank of PVT E-2
Private First Class Private First Class
Reach the rank of PFC E-3
Specialist Specialist
Reach the rank of SPC E-4
Sergeant Sergeant
Reach the rank of SGT E-5
Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant
Reach the rank of SSG E-6
Sergeant First Class Sergeant First Class
Reach the rank of SFC E-7
Master Sergeant Master Sergeant
Reach the rank of MSG E-8
Sergeant Major Sergeant Major
Reach the rank of SGM E-9
Water Under The Bridge Water Under The Bridge
Win a match on Bridge
Killed from fall damage
Fragged Fragged
Killed from an overcooked frag grenade
FOGged FOGged
Killed from an overcooked FOG grenade
Bad Day at the Office Bad Day at the Office
Take damage from three or more enemies while flashed
[Dev]astator [Dev]astator
Neutralize an AAPG developer
Total [Dev]astation Total [Dev]astation
Neutralize 100 AAPG developers
Gold Digger Gold Digger
Earn Gold on all shoot houses
Gun Smoke Gun Smoke
Earn Gold with at least 2.5 seconds remaining on the M4 shoot house
On Target On Target
Hit eight enemy targets without a miss on the M14 shoot house
One Belt Pony One Belt Pony
Earn Silver or better without reloading on the M249 shoot house
Fire in the Hole Fire in the Hole
Hit three enemy targets with a single grenade without hitting a friendly target on the M67 shoot house
Four of a Kind Four of a Kind
Hit four enemy target in less than a second on the M16 shoot house
Locked In Locked In
Earn Gold with at least 59 seconds remaining on the M24 shoot house
Gunslinger Gunslinger
Hit five enemy targets on the M9 shoot house in 2 seconds
This... is my Boomstick This… is my Boomstick
Hit two enemy targets with a single shot on the M870 shoot house
Red Belt Red Belt
Take down 100 enemies
Black Belt Black Belt
Take down 1,000 enemies
Scavenger Scavenger
Neutralize 100 enemies with a Czervanian weapon
Junk Diver Junk Diver
Neutralize 1,000 enemies with a Czervanian weapon
Grim Reaper Grim Reaper
Neutralize 10,000 enemies
Angel of Death Angel of Death
Neutralize 100,000 enemies
2 Years In 2 Years In
Play 1,000 Rounds
4 Years In 4 Years In
Play 10,000 Rounds
6 Years In 6 Years In
Play 100,000 Rounds
Flagtastic Flagtastic
Win 100 Extract matches
Bombastic Bombastic
Win 100 C4 matches
Seasoned Warrior Seasoned Warrior
Win 1,000 matches
Be All You Can Be Be All You Can Be
Win 10,000 matches
CzervenianTheater CzervenianTheater
Win a match on each official map
Zippity Doo Dah Zippity Doo Dah
Secure 1,000 Enemies
Zippity Ay Zippity Ay
Secure 5,000 Enemies
Zippy Tie-Yay Zippy Tie-Yay
Secure 10,000 Enemies
Jack of all Trades Jack of all Trades
Play all roles within a match
M4 Elite M4 Elite
Complete the elite M4 challenge
M16 Elite M16 Elite
Complete the elite M16 challenge
M14 Elite M14 Elite
Complete the elite M14 challenge
M249 Elite M249 Elite
Complete the elite M249 challenge
870 MCS Elite 870 MCS Elite
Complete the elite 870MCS challenge
M9 Elite M9 Elite
Complete the elite M9 challenge
M1911 Elite M1911 Elite
Complete the elite M1911 challenge
M24 Elite M24 Elite
Complete the elite M24 challenge
Weapon Master Weapon Master
Complete all weapon elite challenges
MasterSoldier MasterSoldier
Collect all ten challenge coins
Hide & Go Seek Hide & Go Seek
Win a VIP match
The Great Escape The Great Escape
Escape as the VIP
Tagged & Bagged Tagged & Bagged
Secure the VIP
One Man Show One Man Show
Earn a Golden Hawkeye as the VIP
Barefoot Brawler Barefoot Brawler
Earn a TKO playing as the VIP
Knock Out Knock Out
Perform a take down on the VIP