Amazing Princess Sarah Achievement List

Thank you for watching! Thank you for watching!
Watch game’s intro until the end
Princess save the king! Princess save the king!
Rescue Sarah’s father
The real PeaceWalker The real PeaceWalker
Complete a castle without killing anyone but the boss
What a healthy girl! What a healthy girl!
Reach a save statue while being at full health
Kill yourself Kill yourself
Defeat the chasing ghost in Angry Princess
That was really close That was really close
Reach a save statue while having only one health point left
Let's have a quickie Let’s have a quickie
Complete a castle in less than 6 minutes while being drunk
Awesome combo Awesome combo
Make 8 hit combo
A lovely level A lovely level
Make Sarah reach level 69
Slap that fatty s**t Slap that fatty s**t
Defeat a Fatty with a slap
The great Killer Vampire The great Killer Vampire
Kill at least 500 enemies in a level while being a vampire
Destroy the evil Destroy the evil
Defeat the Greater Lilith