Amaranthine Achievement List

Killer Machine 1 Killer Machine 1
Destroy 250 enemies
Killer Machine 2 Killer Machine 2
Destroy 1000 enemies
Killer Machine 3 Killer Machine 3
Destroy 5000 enemies
I Don't Need This I Don’t Need This
Sell 100 weapons
Big Fish Big Fish
Destroy the battlecruiser
I See You I See You
Destroy the overwatcher
The Bomb Has Been Defused The Bomb Has Been Defused
Destroy the bomb
We Need To Go Deeper We Need To Go Deeper
Complete subwarp level
Complete game on normal
You Can't Touch This You Can’t Touch This
Complete level without taking any damage
Finally... Finally…
Find legendary weapon
Lighting Lighting
Kill 10 enemies in 1 secon
Bully Bully
Ram 25 enemies
I Am Legend I Am Legend
Complete game on legend mode
Looter Looter
Destroy 10 cargo ships in a single run
SpaceDweller SpaceDweller
Reach 20 level on legend mode