Altitude0: Lower & Faster Achievement List

First Shine First Shine
Get the first Alpine medal.
The Supporter The Supporter
Play 10 user created tracks.
Pacman Pacman
Get 55 items on ‘Thumbs Up Mayhem’.
Clean Cave Clean Cave
Don’t hit cave walls & get a medal on ‘Cave Tour’.
Job Done Job Done
Finish ‘Tight Spaces’ under 30 seconds.
Quickies Champ Quickies Champ
Championship ‘Quickies’ in top 3.
Green Flag Race Green Flag Race
No gate errors on ‘Canyon Drop’.
Tight & Smooth Tight & Smooth
Collect 2 close calls on ‘First Impact’.
Night Racer Night Racer
Night race in top 3 on ‘Machine Fever’.
Achiever RP Goal Achiever RP Goal
Get 1000 racing points & Achiever license.
Aerobat Aerobat
Collect 4 aero pts on ‘Canyon Drop’.
Get Low Get Low
Altitude below 30 meters on ‘First Impact’.
In a Hurry In a Hurry
Finish ‘Canyon Drag’ under 22 sec.
Pain Free Pain Free
Damage below 40% on Machine Fever.
Moonlight Medal Moonlight Medal
Finish night race in top 3 on ‘Alpine Drag’.
The Collector The Collector
Get 3 Mocci items on ‘Canyon Survival’.
The Beginnings The Beginnings
Finish your first multiplayer competition.
Close Call Champ Close Call Champ
Collect 1000 close calls.
Low Flying Ace Low Flying Ace
Record low flying 500 times.
Medal Guru Medal Guru
Collect 100 medals.
The Traveller The Traveller
Fly over 1000 km.
Aero Master Aero Master
Collect 500 aerobatic points.
Level Up Level Up
Become A0 Pilot.
Rising Above Rising Above
Collect A0 Achiever license.
Turning Pro Turning Pro
A0 Pro license holder – respect!
Pro RP Goal Pro RP Goal
Become Pro and collect 1000 racing pts.
Survivor Survivor
Finish with damage above 95% on ‘Cave Tour’.
No Holding Back No Holding Back
Throttle at max & finish in top 3 on ‘Vertical Desert’.
High & Low High & Low
Average altitude under 30 meters on ‘Peak Ride’.
Touch the Ground Touch the Ground
Complete low flying section & get a medal on ‘In the Valley’.
Flying in Style Flying in Style
Collect 14 aero pts on ‘Vertical Desert’.
Born to Excel Born to Excel
Night flying, green flag race & top 3 on ‘Tight Spaces’.
You Asked For It You Asked For It
Hit balloons 5 times & get a medal on ‘Ups n’Downs’.
Canyon Champ Canyon Champ
Finish Canyon championship in top 3.
Long and Precise Long and Precise
Finish green flag race in top 3, track ‘In the Valley’.
The Chief The Chief
Group is getting smaller, air-racing became second nature to you.
Chief RP Goal Chief RP Goal
Become Chief and collect 1500 racing pts.
Speed Counts Speed Counts
Finish ‘Ups n’Downs’ under 80 seconds.
Get Exact Get Exact
60 items on ‘Desert Blues’, no more or less.
Dark Places Dark Places
Finish ‘Cave Tour’ under 40 sec.
The Mountaineer The Mountaineer
Finish Mountain championship & win a medal.
No Touching No Touching
Don’t be last, damage under 10% on ‘Call of the Canyon’.
Low Flying Journey Low Flying Journey
Average altitude under 43 meters & finish in top 5 on ‘Mountain High’.
Mr. Perfect Mr. Perfect
Collect all aero pts (25) on ‘In the Valley’.
Rolling High Rolling High
Complete 360 spin section & get a medal on ‘Mountain High’.
All Hail the Master All Hail the Master
This license is mark of authority, you are one of the few.
Championship King Championship King
Collect 30 championship trophies.
Night Bird Night Bird
Finish night flying championship in top 3.
The Graduate The Graduate
You are ready for some serious racing.