Alteric Achievement List

Great start! Great start!
Complete Chapter 1
Probably it was difficult? Probably it was difficult?
Complete Chapter 2
You are awesome! You are awesome!
Complete Chapter 3
Unrequited love Unrequited love
Complete Stage 12 without deaths
Good runner Good runner
Complete Stage 6 without deaths
Hidden Achievement
Meeting with old friend Meeting with old friend
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Jumper I Jumper I
Jump 1000 times
Jumper II Jumper II
Jump 2000 times
Jumper III Jumper III
Jump 4000 times
Swapboy I Swapboy I
Change space 100 times
Swapboy II Swapboy II
Change space 200 times
Swapboy III Swapboy III
Change space 400 times
Deadman Deadman
Die 100 times