Almightree: The Last Dreamer Achievement List

Plantsportation for Dummies Plantsportation for Dummies
Do your first Plantsportation
Ooh, Shiny! Ooh, Shiny!
Collect your first Sunsphere
Free Fall Free Fall
Have your first death
Close Enough Close Enough
Complete a stage with no safe block behind
I'll be Back! I’ll be Back!
Play a stage 3 times in a row
Plant of Steel Plant of Steel
Get injured 9 times by dangerous plants in one stage
First World Savior First World Savior
Complete 10 stages
Second World Savior Second World Savior
Complete 20 stages
Tryin' to be Hardcore Tryin’ to be Hardcore
Complete 20 challenges
Kinda Hardcore Kinda Hardcore
Complete 40 challenges
Agile Dreamer Agile Dreamer
Score a total of 40000 through all stages
Running Sage Running Sage
Score a total of 120000 through all stages
Blue and Red Blue and Red
Complete 1 round of Local Speedrace
Screen Splitter Screen Splitter
Complete 10 rounds of Local Speedrace
Finish Line Finish Line
Complete 1 round of Online Speedrace
Race-surrection Race-surrection
Complete 10 rounds of Online Speedrace
Rising Star Rising Star
Win 5 rounds of Online Speedrace
Champion Champion
Win 15 rounds of Online Speedrace