Alien Robot Monsters Achievement List

Planetfall! Planetfall!
Start your colonization of Planet X
I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay
Defeat Forest biome boss
Shai-hulud is scarier Shai-hulud is scarier
Defeat Wasteland biome boss
Danse Macabre, oui? Danse Macabre, oui?
Defeat Swamp biome boss
Cheyenne Mountain Complex Cheyenne Mountain Complex
Defeat Mountain biome boss
Dodge this Dodge this
Defeat final boss
Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny
Complete all Planet X levels
Saviour Saviour
Save the natives
Put a bullet into that thing Put a bullet into that thing
Fire 256 sniper rounds
No-scope 360 No-scope 360
Destroy 100 robots with snipers
To me, brothers! To me, brothers!
Field some space marines
Never heard of astartes Never heard of astartes
Field 64 marines
To the maelstorm of battle! To the maelstorm of battle!
Field 256 marines
Elite Grenadier Elite Grenadier
Use 1337 hand grenades or mortar rounds
Death from above Death from above
Fire 500 missiles from orbit
Airborne Airborne
Deploy 32 reinforcements
Orbital deployment Orbital deployment
Deploy 128 reinforcements
Novice builder Novice builder
Build 50 towers
Aspiring builder Aspiring builder
Build 200 towers
Expert builder Expert builder
Build 400 towers
Master builder Master builder
Build 800 towers
Space Cadet Space Cadet
Gain 10 stars
Lieutanant Lieutanant
Gain 20 stars
Captain Captain
Gain 30 stars
Major Major
Gain 40 stars
Colonel Colonel
Gain 50 stars
General General
Gain 75 stars
Planetary Marshall Planetary Marshall
Gain 90 stars
Supreme Commander Supreme Commander
Gain all 111 stars
See the white of their LEDs See the white of their LEDs
Destroy 50 robots in melee
Might makes right in space Might makes right in space
Destroy 100 robots in melee
Wait, it actually worked? Wait, it actually worked?
Destroy a robot with native arrows
Burninate! Burninate!
Destroy 128 robots with fire
Pinpoint accuracy Pinpoint accuracy
Destroy 99 robots with satellites
Destroy 128 robots with Atomizer
Away with thee! Away with thee!
Instakill 50 robots
Dazzling Dazzling
Stun 384 robots