Alekhine’s Gun Achievement List

Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time
Complete level 1
Checked Out Checked Out
Complete level 2
Fireproof Fireproof
Complete level 3
Deadly Ending Deadly Ending
Complete level 4
Abduction Abduction
Complete level 5
Calling Card Calling Card
Complete level 6
Castaway Castaway
Complete level 7
Goodbye, Colonel Goodbye, Colonel
Complete level 8
Top Shot Top Shot
Complete level 9
Public Enemy Public Enemy
Complete level 10
You Only Live Twice You Only Live Twice
Complete level 11
Head Hunter Head Hunter
Get 30 Headshots
Sleeper Agent Sleeper Agent
Use chloroform on 30 enemies
Locksmith Locksmith
Perfect lockpicking attempt on a lock with at least 4 locking mechanisms
Engineer Engineer
Perform a perfect rewiring during a sabotage puzzle
Go For The Throat Go For The Throat
Garrote 30 enemies
Chameleon Chameleon
Obtain all disguises in the game
One Suit Man One Suit Man
Complete a level using one disguise or less
Angel of Death Angel of Death
Complete all assassinations in a level using only accidents
Contract Killer Contract Killer
Complete a level without killing except for assassination targets
Legendary Legendary
Complete the game without killing except for assassination targets
Like a Ghost Like a Ghost
Obtain Ghost Ranking on a level
Maniac Maniac
Obtain Maniac Ranking on a level
Undertaker Undertaker
Hide 30 bodies
Deadly Instinct Deadly Instinct
Complete a level without using Instinct Mode
Predator Predator
Complete a level without using your gun
Phantom Phantom
Obtain Ghost Ranking on all levels
I Am Alekhine I Am Alekhine
Obtain all trophies