Alarameth TD Achievement List

Hero of Veldamir Hero of Veldamir
Save the human lands by winning Veldamir Castle.
Epic Hero of Veldamir Epic Hero of Veldamir
Win Veldamir Castle with all 50 lives intact.
Sir Robin Ran Away... (almost) Sir Robin Ran Away… (almost)
Defeat the fleeing knights before they reach the castle, without having had any leaks.
Hero of Nuvaru Hero of Nuvaru
Save the elven lands from corruption by winning Nuvaru Spring.
Epic Hero of Nuvaru Epic Hero of Nuvaru
Win Nuvaru Spring without losing any sages.
Close Call Close Call
Kill a creature moments before it poisons the spring.
Hero of Velashu Hero of Velashu
Sucessfully protect the Grove of Velashu.
Epic Hero of Velashu Epic Hero of Velashu
Protect the Grove of Velashu without allowing any elder trees to be corrupted.
Safety First Safety First
Put out a small fire by placing a tower over it for 10 seconds. The goddess will reward you for your efforts by calling pure rains which will continuously damage enemies within the area.
Fire Fighter Fire Fighter
Over any number of playthroughs, put out all the small fires by placing towers over them for 10 seconds.
Playing With Fire Playing With Fire
Cause a creature to take fire damage by directing them over one of the small fires on the build platforms.
Pyromaniac Pyromaniac
Over any number of playthroughs, use your towers to direct creatures through each of the small fires.
Hero of Delende Hero of Delende
Sucessfully protect the Village of Delende.
Epic Hero of Delende Epic Hero of Delende
Protect the Village of Delende without losing any supplies.
Victory at the Prison Victory at the Prison
Save the Frost Elf Prison with at least 1 prisoner still alive.
Take NO Prisoners! Take NO Prisoners!
Do not lose a single prisoner to creatures at the Frost Elf Prison.
The Bare Minimum The Bare Minimum
Win any level with only 1 life remaining.
Hero of Nyanthanda Hero of Nyanthanda
Sucessfully protect Nyanthanda Village.
No Child Left Behind No Child Left Behind
Save all children in Nyanthanda Village.
Were you saying something, Zanthra...? Were you saying something, Zanthra…?
In Nyanthanda Village, when Zanthra says “Air” is coming, anger her by building a cannon tower.
Resisting Temptation Resisting Temptation
Beat Nyanthanda Village without upgrading the laser tower.
Saving the Frost Realm Saving the Frost Realm
Successfully defend the entrance to the frost realm.
True Frost Survivalist True Frost Survivalist
Defend the entrance to the frost realm without losing any archers.
Victory at Galsty's Victory at Galsty’s
Prevent the total loss of Galsty’s supplies.
Galsty's Hero Galsty’s Hero
Do not allow any of Galsty’s supplies to be destroyed.
Galsty's Yellow, But I'm Not Galsty’s Yellow, But I’m Not
Kill the medium yellow spiders within 15 seconds of them spawning.
Yellow Spider Assassin Yellow Spider Assassin
Kill all the medium and small yellow spiders within 30 seconds of them spawning.
Victory at the Mine Victory at the Mine
Prevent the dwarven workers from being wiped out.
All Workers Accounted For All Workers Accounted For
Do not allow any of the workers at the mine to be killed by creatures.
Preventing Extinction Preventing Extinction
Keep the dwarven villagers from being completely wiped out.
A Strong Race A Strong Race
Keep the dwarf race strong by saving every single one of the villagers.
A Strong Start A Strong Start
Make it to Wave 12 at the Dwarven Town Hall with a perfect score.
Bye, Dalton! Bye, Dalton!
Leak just enough creatures to get Galsty’s friend “Dalton” killed (must win with 150-159 lives remaining).
Inventions need saving too! Inventions need saving too!
Keep the gnome inventions from being completely destroyed.
Hurray for Inventions! Hurray for Inventions!
Save all the gnomish inventions.
Don't Touch My Tower! Don’t Touch My Tower!
Do not allow the defense system to destroy any towers.
Victory at the Lab! Victory at the Lab!
Keep the lab from being obliterated.
I Wasn't Even Trying... I Wasn’t Even Trying…
Save the lab with over 2 minutes remaining.
Dangerously Close! Dangerously Close!
Save the lab with under 10 seconds remaining.
Massive Sale Massive Sale
With 3 minutes remaining, cause the computer to run a disassembly sequence by having 72 or more towers.
Wizard Entrance Clear Wizard Entrance Clear
Clear out the entrance to the Wizard Tower.
None Shall Pass! None Shall Pass!
Do not allow any creatures to enter the Wizard Tower from the moment you arrive.
Survival at the Wizard Tower Survival at the Wizard Tower
Emerge victorious at the Wizard Tower.
Wizard Tower Clear! Wizard Tower Clear!
Kill every single creature at the Wizard Tower (no leaks).
Wizard Towers at the Wizard Tower Wizard Towers at the Wizard Tower
Win with at least 18 Wizard Towers currently built.
Saving the World Saving the World
Beat the final level.
A True Hero A True Hero
Kill every single creature during the final level (no leaks).
Master of Towers Master of Towers
Have each type of ultimate tower at some point throughout 1 playthrough.
All Skill, No Gear All Skill, No Gear
Beat the level without building any ultimate towers (accidentally built ultimate towers must be quickly sold before they finish changing color).