Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman’s Mine Achievement List

Rain Man Rain Man
Re-enact an iconic rain dance.
Trailblazer Trailblazer
Successfully make a Blazin’ Kev beverage on your first attempt.
Emo Al Emo Al
Read every epitaph in the cemetery.
The Big Haul The Big Haul
Snag every catchable item with the fishing rod.
Secret Gentlemens' Business Secret Gentlemens’ Business
Visit Lou Heifer’s love shack.
Noontime Moonshine Noontime Moonshine
Pass out after imbibing a potent brew.
Threw it on the Ground Threw it on the Ground
So many things to throw in the game. Find them all.
Vandal Vandal
Carve some graffiti into a tree trunk.
Anoziran Idol Anoziran Idol
Find all of Al’s singing lines in the game.
Voyeur Voyeur
Try to enter all occupied rooms in the Hospitality House.
Serial Pest Serial Pest
Exhaust the list of excuses while trying to enter Lou Heifer’s Office.
Slacker Hacker Slacker Hacker
Gain access to the miner’s cabin without seeking any clues.
Hoarder Hoarder
Acquire every inventory item in the game.
Bookworm Bookworm
Read every book title in the game.
Buried Treasure Buried Treasure
Locate the Indian Casino.
Spin Doctor Spin Doctor
Win the jackpot prize (3 Chiefs x $10 Bet) on the slot machine.
Repeat Reality Overrun Repeat Reality Overrun
Play the game on the Indian Chief’s computer two tiers deep.
Round Trip Round Trip
Finish the game.
Completionist Completionist
Finish the game with a full score of 500 points.
Speedrun Speedrun
Finish the game in under two hours.