Akuatica Achievement List

Fish and ship. Fish and ship.
Avoid getting hit by hostile fish.
Hermits. Hermits.
Take no damage.
Food chain. Food chain.
I’m at the top.
Stealthy. Stealthy.
Completed in less than 30 seconds.
Into the unknown. Into the unknown.
Fortune favors the bold.
Perfect 10. Perfect 10.
Low magic Low magic
Dodge everything he throws at you.
Teamwork. Teamwork.
Working our way to freedom.
Two birds with one stun. Two birds with one stun.
Save baby turtles.
Eels Eels
Dangerous water.
Demining. Demining.
Take your time.
Fan of knives. Fan of knives.
Dodge all knives attacks.
Shell-ebrations Shell-ebrations
Celebrate with fireballs.
Uneaten Uneaten
Full health when exit level.
Catch me if you can. Catch me if you can.
Watch out for jelly fish.
Stop tickling! Stop tickling!
Get your greasy tentacles off me.
Checkmate! Checkmate!
Please try the bonus level.
3 Stars. 3 Stars.
Not get hit by mobs.
End of tunnel. End of tunnel.
Gold master.
Horror of the deep. Horror of the deep.
Watch for falling rocks.
What sub? What sub?
Not getting hit by machine guns.
Forklifting. Forklifting.
Up and away.
Genetically engineered. Genetically engineered.
Full health when completed level.
Tanking it. Tanking it.
There are more to be unlocked.
New challenger. New challenger.
You’ve earned a new character.
I am so jelling I am so jelling
Ultimate achiever.