Airships: Conquer the Skies Achievement List

Smash the Skies Smash the Skies
Completely destroy an enemy ship by ramming it.
Forced Landing Forced Landing
Force down an enemy airship.
A Convenient Perch A Convenient Perch
Land your ship on a floating rock.
Heraldry Heraldry
Register your coat of arms.
Mandatory Change of Ownership Mandatory Change of Ownership
Capture an enemy ship.
One Giant (Unplanned) Leap One Giant (Unplanned) Leap
Cause enemy marines to mis-jump and fall to the ground.
Broadside Broadside
Fire ten heavy cannon at once.
Conquer the 'Net Conquer the ‘Net
Win a multiplayer battle.
Dogfight Dogfight
Win a multiplayer battle in the $200 fleet limit category.