Airship Asunder Achievement List

Pioneer Pioneer
Make your first camp.
Settler Settler
Grow a camp into a village.
Mayor Mayor
Grow a village into a town.
Governor Governor
Grow a town into a city.
Abracadabra Abracadabra
Cast a magic spell.
Orchardist Orchardist
Build an orchard.
Prospector Prospector
Build a mine.
Harbormaster Harbormaster
Build a port.
Horticulturalist Horticulturalist
Build a nursery.
Principal Principal
Build a college.
Headmaster Headmaster
Build an academy.
Director Director
Build a hospital.
Warmonger Warmonger
Build an armory.
Executive Executive
Build a refinery.
Archmage Archmage
Build a dynamo.
Commander Commander
Build a fortress.
Tycoon Tycoon
Build a casino.
Explorer Explorer
Use a rusty key to open a vault.
Adventurer Adventurer
Use a skeleton key to open ancient ruins.
Sacred Lands Sacred Lands
Search one of the four sacred locations.
Final Victory Final Victory
Defeat the Pirate King.
Cruiser Cruiser
Board a Cruiser.
Fundament Fundament
Board a Fundament.
Abolition Abolition
Board an Abolition.
Argantion Argantion
Board an Argantion.
Ensuant Ensuant
Board an Ensuant.
Leviathan Leviathan
Board a Leviathan.
Spirit Guardians Spirit Guardians
Gather 200 summoned spirits aboard your vessel.
High Roller High Roller
Win the gambling jackpot with a 1000 gold bet.
Nexus Nexus
Build a dynamo on the mana resource center.
Motherlode Motherlode
Build a mine on the gold resource center.
Exron Exron
Build a refinery on the fuel resource center.
Bountiful Bountiful
Build a nursery on the food resource center.
Metropolis Metropolis
Achieve a population of 1000 in a city.
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter
Deliver the final blow to Villains.
Ghost Hunter Ghost Hunter
Deliver the final blow to Horrors.
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Deliver the final blow to a Dragon.
Fatal Strike Fatal Strike
Deliver the final blow to the Pirate King.