Air Brawl Achievement List

First of many First of many
Crash for the first time!
Victory! Victory!
Win your first game
Progress! Progress!
Win 10 games
Even more progress! Even more progress!
Win 100 games
Air Brawl Veteran Air Brawl Veteran
Win 1000 Games
Seriously? Seriously?
Win 10000 Games
I finally got one! I finally got one!
Get your first kill
Serial killer Serial killer
Get 100 Kills
Mass murder Mass murder
Get 1000 Kills
And again, and again... And again, and again…
Crash 100 Times
Crash 1000 Times
Certified Brawler Certified Brawler
Complete the tutorial
Meet your maker Meet your maker
Get killed by one of the developers
Slayer of gods Slayer of gods
Kill one of the developers
Team player Team player
Capture your first flag