Agent Walker: Secret Journey Achievement List

Beginner's Luck Beginner’s Luck
Solve a Minigame in under a minute.
No Mistakes Allowed No Mistakes Allowed
Finish a Hidden Object Scene without a mistap.
Persevering Persevering
Solve a Minigame without using Skip.
Persistent Persistent
Finish a Hidden Object Puzzle without a hint.
Fast Tapper Fast Tapper
Find three items in Hidden Object Puzzle in three seconds.
Breaking the Record Breaking the Record
Solve three Minigames in less than ten minutes.
Fifth One's the Charm Fifth One’s the Charm
Find five items in Hidden Object Puzzle in five seconds.
Triple Luck Triple Luck
Solve three Minigames without skipping.
Patience pays off Patience pays off
Finish all Hidden Object Puzzle without using Hint.
Nerves of Steel Nerves of Steel
Solve all the Minigames without using Skip.
Accomplisher Accomplisher
Destroy the Spear.
Moviegoer Moviegoer
Watch all Cutscenes without skipping.
Tailor Tailor
Complete all the uniforms.
Trained Eye Trained Eye
Find all the miniatures.
Doll Collector Doll Collector
Find all the figurines.
Devoted Collector Devoted Collector
Find and complete all collections.