Age of Gladiators Achievement List

Recruiter Recruiter
Recruit A Gladiator
Into The Arena Into The Arena
Win 10 Battles
Staffer Staffer
Hire A Staff Member
Hall Of Famer Hall Of Famer
Owned Fighter Voted Into Hall Of Fame
Life Taker Life Taker
Earn 10 Kills By Your Fighters
Captain Of Industry Captain Of Industry
Earn A Million Denarii
The Die Is Cast! The Die Is Cast!
Win 500,000 Denarii Bet
Bad Beat Bad Beat
Lose 500,000 Denarii Bet
Victorious Victorious
Win 500,000 Fight Purse
Not So Victorious Not So Victorious
Lose 500,000 Fight Purse
Inflicter Of Pain Inflicter Of Pain
Inflict 150,000 Damage Across All Fighters
Taker Of Pain Taker Of Pain
Take 50,000 Damage Across All Fighters
Gladiator Quest! Gladiator Quest!
Win A Quest
Augustus Caesar Part II Augustus Caesar Part II
Become The Wealthiest Roman
When In Rome... When In Rome…
Advance To The City Of Rome
...Beat Them All …Beat Them All
Defeat All Opposing Bosses In Rome
The Victor The Victor
Win 300 Matches
Wild Attacker Wild Attacker
Attack 5,000 Times
Surgical Attacker Surgical Attacker
Hit 1,000 Times
How Is It Possible? How Is It Possible?
First 50 Fights Undefeated
Brutal Kill Brutal Kill
One Of Your Fighters Kills Opponent With Barehands
What Did He Do? What Did He Do?
Execute One Of Your Own Fighters
A Generational Talent A Generational Talent
Your Fighter Holds The All-Time Wins Record
The Consumer Of Souls The Consumer Of Souls
Your Fighter Holds The All-Time Kills Record
A Household Name A Household Name
Possess The Most Famous Gladiator