Age of Fear: The Undead King Achievement List

Battle Lost Battle Lost
You have been defeated!
Black Knight Black Knight
Sir Edward became Black Knight!
Bonnies! Bonnies!
Raise your own bone dragon!
Dwarven Army Dwarven Army
Find frozen dwarven army!
March of the Dead March of the Dead
Complete Rise of The Necromancer campaign!
McZombie McZombie
Always fresh. Only certified meat!
Ogre's Head Ogre’s Head
Help Sir Edward’s to hunt his prey!
Puppet Master Puppet Master
Take control over enemy!
Purple Heart Purple Heart
Your hero has been hurt! Please don’t cry!
Savior of the Kingdom Savior of the Kingdom
Complete The Tale of Sir Edward campaign!
Scholar Scholar
Read the whole game guide!
Time Traveller Time Traveller
Time is just another dimension!
Treasurer Treasurer
You have hoarded 10000 Gold coins!
Undead Minion Undead Minion
Raise an Undead minion!
Wight Wight
Become a dreadful Wight!
Wolf's Problem Wolf’s Problem
You have helped farmers to get rid of wolves!
Death Seeker Death Seeker
Win any campaign on Death Seeker dificulty. Good luck!
Elite Elite
Upgrade any unit to Elite!
Halloween! Halloween!
Trick or treat!