Age of Cavemen Achievement List

Feel the power of arguments! Feel the power of arguments!
Achieve a total of 1250 honor in Opponent battles.
Explore new places Explore new places
Gain 60 stars on the Campaign.
You can't beat me! You can’t beat me!
Successfully defend against 5000 attacks.
Rocks will fall Rocks will fall
Destroy 25 Builder’s Huts in Opponent battles.
Break their will Break their will
Destroy 2000 Village Centers in Opponent battles.
Open the gate! Open the gate!
Destroy 2000 Walls in Opponent battles.
Chief with a heart of gold Chief with a heart of gold
Donate 5000 Tribe Tree capacity worth of reinforcements.
Clean your Cave! Clean your Cave!
Remove 500 obstacles (trees, rocks, bushes).
Meat King Meat King
Steal 3,000 Meat.
Stone Age Stone Age
Steal 1,200,000 Stone.
Meet new friends! Meet new friends!
Unlock Sabertooth Rider in the Warriors Cave.
We need larger Glyptodon! We need larger Glyptodon!
Upgrade a Stone Storage to level 5.
Basics of Civilization Basics of Civilization
Upgrade Tribe Tree to level 4.
Rome was not built in one day Rome was not built in one day
Upgrade Village Center to level 8.
Master Chieftain Master Chieftain
Win 5000 Opponent battles.