Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly Achievement List

Untrustworthy Untrustworthy
You have been warned
Timey Wimey Timey Wimey
Unlock Level 0: ‘When Pigs Fly: And so it begins’
Paradox Paradox
Set in motion the events that allow you to be there
Boldly Go Boldly Go
Unlock Level: ‘When Pigs Fly: Newton’s Cubes’
Casting Call Casting Call
Create and add a custom actor to a level
Masked Man Masked Man
Create and test a custom actor mask
Movie Maker Movie Maker
Create and set a custom cutscene in a level
Quickie Quotient Quickie Quotient
Create and finish a custom level Campaign…er…zator
Create and finish a custom campaign with at least 3 levels
Selfless Selfless
Share a custom level to the Workshop
When Pigs Fly When Pigs Fly
Make Edmund fly
When Pigs Die When Pigs Die
Become a man again
When Gnomes Walk When Gnomes Walk
Save the Gnomes
Swine Master Swine Master
See all the endings of “When Pigs Fly”
Pig Overlord Pig Overlord
See ALL cutscenes of “When Pigs Fly”
Lord of the Arena Lord of the Arena
Complete the Standalone level ‘Arena’
Pig's best friends Pig’s best friends
A fed dog is a happy dog. A wealthy pig is a happy pig.