Adventure Apes and the Mayan Mystery Achievement List

Leap tall buildings? Leap tall buildings?
Jump ability acquired
Explore the murky depths Explore the murky depths
Swim ability acquired
Deadly rays of light! Deadly rays of light!
Laser beam acquired
Just like X-ray specs Just like X-ray specs
Ghost Vision Acquired
Keep pushin' forward Keep pushin’ forward
Push ability acquired
Skull Smasherrrrr! Skull Smasherrrrr!
Defeated Skull Demon
The itsy bitsy spider... The itsy bitsy spider…
Defeated Arachnomax
Terror of the deep Terror of the deep
Defeated Squidephant
Tastes like burning! Tastes like burning!
Defeated Magmatoro
The ultimate showdown! The ultimate showdown!
Defeated Horatio Hawk, wow!