Adam’s Venture Episode 1: The Search For The Lost Garden Achievement List

Found all puzzle pieces Found all puzzle pieces
Find all seven missing pieces
Dog whisperer Dog whisperer
Talk to Digger
Master blaster Master blaster
Blow up the rocks
Holy Trinity Holy Trinity
Explore Faith, Hope and Love
Key to your faith Key to your faith
Find the hidden key
Cliffhanger Cliffhanger
Endure a long climb
And He saw it was good And He saw it was good
Solve the final puzzle
Knock, knock… Knock, knock…
Try opening the gate of Eden
Adam's Venture addict Adam’s Venture addict
Watch it, watch it all!
End of Episode I End of Episode I
Complete the full game
Gate of Eden Gate of Eden
Find the Gate of Eden secret
Faith, Hope, Love Faith, Hope, Love
Find the Faith, Hope, Love secret
Leap of faith Leap of faith
Find the Leap of faith secret
A Full Spectrum A Full Spectrum
Find the A Full Spectrum secret
The Lion and the Snake The Lion and the Snake
Find The Lion and the Snake secret
Sound Belief Sound Belief
Find the Sound Belief secret
Full Circle Full Circle
Find the Full Circle secret