Ace of Words Achievement List

My First Word My First Word
First word correctly entered.
1-Year-Old 1-Year-Old
10 Words Solved
The Toddler The Toddler
50 Words Solved
First 100 Words First 100 Words
100 Words Solved
2-Year-Old 2-Year-Old
200 Words Solved
3-Year-Old 3-Year-Old
600 Words Solved
First Thousand Words First Thousand Words
1000 words Solved
The Preschooler The Preschooler
2000 Words Solved
The First Grader The First Grader
2500 Words
The User The User
First 4-Letter Word
The Aimer The Aimer
First 5-Letter Word
The Slicer The Slicer
First 6-Letter Word
The Adviser The Adviser
First 7-Letter Word
The Achiever The Achiever
First 8-Letter Word
The Graduate The Graduate
5000 Words Solved
Puzzle Solver Puzzle Solver
Unlock the next game for the first time.
Executive Executive
Unlock the hint for the first time.
Anagram Master Anagram Master
Solve All Words In the Puzzle