Ace of Seafood Achievement List

Seafood Exploer Seafood Exploer
Occupy a reef
Seafood Soldier Seafood Soldier
Occupy 10 reefs
Sinking a Warship Sinking a Warship
Sink a warship
Boil to Alive Boil to Alive
Occupy ‘Deserted house’
Sanma Festival Sanma Festival
Occupy ‘Charcoal stove’
Vampires Vampires
Occupy ’Bathtub of blood’
Big Eye in the deep Big Eye in the deep
Defeat a GiantSquid
Fresh Victory Fresh Victory
Defeat Super Synthesis Fish
Ace of Atlantic Ace of Atlantic
Occupy all reefs
Invaders Invaders
Repel fish invaders
Ace of Sardine Ace of Sardine
Defeat Super Synthesis Fish using sardine only