Abyss Cave Achievement List

FirstEnterAbyss FirstEnterAbyss
Killed first installment of enemies.
KillingSpree KillingSpree
Killed 100 enemies.
OneAgainstMany OneAgainstMany
Killed 500 enemies
IamSpartan IamSpartan
Killed 9,000 enemies.
Destroyer Destroyer
Annihilated over 10 enemies at one time.
Explorer Explorer
Discovered 5 Relic Gears.
Adventuer Adventuer
Discovered 30 Relic Gears.
Hunter Hunter
Killed 5 dragons.
DragonSlayer DragonSlayer
Killed 30 dragons.
EliteGear EliteGear
Complete gear upgrades.
DiscoverMysteryLand DiscoverMysteryLand
Found 3 hides
SuperZero SuperZero
Completed robot upgrading
IronDefense IronDefense
Unlocked Medium Turret
DangerousGame DangerousGame
Unlocked Missile
Open Fire Open Fire
Unlocked Advanced Turret.
Defense Expert Defense Expert
Till the base is repaired, less than 10 Turrets are damaged