Aberoth Achievement List

Champion Champion
Become a champion.
Life Lesson Life Lesson
Obtain the life skill.
Valiant Valiant
Defeat one hundred enemies.
Security Security
Personalize five pieces of equipment.
Good Life Good Life
Obtain level ten in the life skill.
Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home
Purchase a vault.
Pet Owner Pet Owner
Tame and name a pet.
Noble Noble
Defeat one thousand enemies.
Secrets Secrets
Find a secret passage.
Camaraderie Camaraderie
Join a guild.
Insomnia Insomnia
Resist being put to sleep.
Renowned Renowned
Earn a reputation.
Saver Saver
Bank one thousand gold.
Well Rested Well Rested
Spend a night at Tavelor’s inn.
Safety in Numbers Safety in Numbers
Make five allies.
Charming Charming
Find and activate a charm.
Adventurer Adventurer
Complete twenty five unique quests.
Survivor Survivor
Survive being diseased.
Able Able
Obtain level twenty five in any skill.
Swimmer Swimmer
Submerge yourself in water.
Well Rounded Well Rounded
Learn four different skills.
Impenetrable Impenetrable
Have a defense of at least fifty.
Spellcaster Spellcaster
Obtain the magic skill.
Adept Adept
Obtain a total of one hundred skill levels.
Prosperous Prosperous
Bank ten thousand gold.
Defender of the Realm Defender of the Realm
Defeat ten thousand enemies.
Versatile Versatile
Learn eight different skills.
Accomplished Accomplished
Obtain a total of two hundred skill levels.
Wealthy Wealthy
Bank one hundred thousand gold.
Raider Raider
Defeat the skeleton king Skaldor.