Abduction Action! Plus Achievement List

UFO Pilot in Training UFO Pilot in Training
Abduct a cow.
Assassin Assassin
Smash 3 Earthlings with one dropped object.
Fly & Chew Gum Fly & Chew Gum
Perform a double abduction.
UFO Wizard UFO Wizard
Score 100,000 points.
Not Too Shabby Not Too Shabby
Score 50,000 points.
We're Gonna Need a Bigger UFO We’re Gonna Need a Bigger UFO
Abduct 50 Earthlings in one game.
Bugs on a Windshield Bugs on a Windshield
Splatter 50 flying creatures in one game.
Farm Warrior Farm Warrior
Complete the farm level without dying.
Score Surfer Dude Score Surfer Dude
Complete all Score Attack waves.
Alien Hero Extraordinaire Alien Hero Extraordinaire
Complete the Story Mode.