A New Beginning – Final Cut Achievement List

Team Player Team Player
I spend time with my colleagues
Get to the point! Get to the point!
Photographs, shmotographs! I wanna play, dammit!
Scrapped and Trashed Scrapped and Trashed
A contemplative day at the fjord
Lone Wolf Lone Wolf
Nigel will do fine without me
Radio Operator Fay Radio Operator Fay
Good training pays off
A New Team A New Team
Finished Chapter1: Leaden Air
Explorer of an Old World Explorer of an Old World
What a strange animal!
Journeyman Saboteur Journeyman Saboteur
Diaries are Cruel
Engineer Fay Engineer Fay
Who needs a manual anyway?
You Call That Service? You Call That Service?
Quickie endured
Expert Saboteur Expert Saboteur
Finished Chapter 2: A Night In the Global
Agent Agitator Agent Agitator
Making Oggy see red
Kidnapping with a Twist Kidnapping with a Twist
Finished Chapter 3: Rude Awakening
Leader Leader
The crowd’s going wild!
Insignificant Details Insignificant Details
Bugging the doctor for no reason
We do this on OUR Terms We do this on OUR Terms
Finished Chapter 4: The Conference
Welcome to Atlas Welcome to Atlas
I’d prefer a friendly handshake
On All Frequencies On All Frequencies
I just like this phone
Boo! Boo!
Doctor Hinrichs is not impressed
No Shame No Shame
Mission Impossible Mission Impossible
Made the impossible…possible. Somehow.
The End's Beginning... The End’s Beginning…
Finished Chapter 5: Atlas, Part I
Farewell... Farewell…
Bid an old companion farewell
And it just gets worse! And it just gets worse!
Finished Chapter 6: Atlas, Part II
What can go wrong now? What can go wrong now?
Finished Chapter 7: Bent Svensson Is Dead
Modern Times Modern Times
A piece of advanced technology competently handled
Prince of Tides Prince of Tides
We can do this without climate change
World's Savior... World’s Savior…
…or maybe not?