A Kiss for the Petals – Remembering How We Met Achievement List

I'm Going to be a Fan of This Miya-san I’m Going to be a Fan of This Miya-san
Impress Miya on her first day of class.
A Little Favor A Little Favor
Accept responsibility for watching over Miya.
That's the End of It... That’s the End of It…
Discover Miya’s true reason for missing class.
Getting Along Famously Getting Along Famously
Attempt to get Miya to attend class by force.
A Foolproof Plan A Foolproof Plan
Successfully conduct the Tea Party.
The The “F” Word
Find Miya skipping class outside campus.
Off The Hook Off The Hook
Retain perfect attendance via “extenuating circumstances.”
Forever And Ever... Forever And Ever…
Complete the story.