A Healer Only Lives Twice Achievement List

Once Once
Game over
Ordeal Ordeal
Enter Tier 3 (MAIN Mode or EX MAIN Mode)
High Priest High Priest
Learn all skills
Unexpected Effect Unexpected Effect
Cure Petrification or Poison by using items or skills
Stinger Stinger
Attack three enemies at one time by using Courage skill
Faithful Golem Faithful Golem
Defeat Golem
Troll Thug Troll Thug
Defeat Troll Thug
Mine Minotaur Mine Minotaur
Defeat Minotaur
Wandering Gryphon Wandering Gryphon
Defeat Gryphon
Sleeping Monk Sleeping Monk
Unlock all upgrades
Hidden Achievement
Beyond the Nightmare Beyond the Nightmare
Complete MAIN Mode or EX MAIN Mode
Hidden Achievement
Behind You Behind You
Complete TRIAL Mode
Hidden Achievement
Their Journey Continues Their Journey Continues
Complete EX MAIN Mode