9 Clues 2: The Ward Achievement List

Object Seeker Object Seeker
Finish one Hidden Object Puzzle without using a Hint.
Object Finder Object Finder
Finish three Hidden Object Puzzles without using a Hint.
Object Hunter Object Hunter
Finish five Hidden Object Puzzles in under two minutes each.
Object Master Object Master
Finish all Hidden Object Puzzles without using a Hint.
Skilled Skilled
Solve a Puzzle without using Skip.
Determined Determined
Solve three Puzzles without using Skip.
Swift Swift
Solve five Puzzles in under two minutes each.
Unaided Unaided
Solve all Puzzles without using Skip.
Breaking Dawn Breaking Dawn
Gather three Clues in your Journal.
Golden Five Golden Five
Gather five Clues in your Journal.
Case Closed Case Closed
Gather all nine Clues in your Journal.
Crazy People Crazy People
Gather full information about all the characters.
Freshman Freshman
Solve your first Detective Mode scene.
Master Detective Master Detective
Solve all Detective Mode scenes.
First Session First Session
Find three Hidden Clue Symbols.
Dark Floors Dark Floors
Find three fragments of the Asylum Model.
Broken Memories Broken Memories
Find three Phantom Objects.
Session 9 Session 9
Find all nine Hidden Clue Symbols.
Madhouse Madhouse
Complete the Asylum Model.
The Number 15 The Number 15
Find all fifteen Phantom Objects hidden across the game.
Maniac Maniac
Finish the game without using a Hint.
Thorough Viewer Thorough Viewer
View three cut scenes without using Skip.
Now You See Me Now You See Me
Watch all the cutscenes in the game without using Skip.
Hide and Seek Hide and Seek
Disarm all booby traps.
Fingersmith Fingersmith
Find a way out.
Sucker Punch Sucker Punch
Fight your fears.
Not Mental Not Mental
Regain a clear mind.
Master Plumber Master Plumber
Fix the sprinklers.
The Ward The Ward
Visit the closed ward.
Secret Window Secret Window
Finish Zed’s masterpiece.
Busting Out Busting Out
Make your way out.
Don't Say a Word Don’t Say a Word
Learn about Kreuz’s secret.
Last Resort Last Resort
Find a way to call for help.
Toymaker Toymaker
Create your puppet.
The Forgotten The Forgotten
Be a hero and save lives.
Mahjong Rookie Mahjong Rookie
Finish a game of Mahjong.
Ain't Shufflin' Ain’t Shufflin’
Finish three games of Mahjong without using Shuffle.
Mahjong Veteran Mahjong Veteran
Finish half of all the games of Mahjong.
Mahjong Addict Mahjong Addict
Finish all games of Mahjong.