7 Wonders: Ancient Alien Makeover Achievement List

Starry night Starry night
Complete a Wonder with a 4-Star rating.
Big 7 Big 7
Complete a Wonder in exactly 7 levels.
Super Star Super Star
Complete all Wonders with a 4-Star rating.
Cosmic vortex Cosmic vortex
Unlock all bonus mini-games.
Minimalist Minimalist
Complete 4 Wonders in the minimum amount of levels required.
Live it full Live it full
Unlock all buildings for your village.
Wonder for all Wonder for all
Complete all Wonders.
Time Keeper Time Keeper
Complete all Wonders on any timed difficulty mode.
X-plosion X-plosion
Blast 300 Cross bonuses.
Between the lines Between the lines
Blast 500 Line bonuses.
Through the wormhole Through the wormhole
Blast 400 Wormhole bonuses.
Time to Spare Time to Spare
Match the Time Bonus.
In the Money In the Money
Collect 15 coins in the game.
Diamond Pick Diamond Pick
Complete all levels in the Diamond Domino Mine game.
Power of 4 Power of 4
Earn 4 Extra Power-ups.
Cross it off Cross it off
Have 5 Cross bonuses on the board at one time.
Thrifty Shopper Thrifty Shopper
Collect the maximum amount of resources in a level.
Down to basics Down to basics
Complete a Wonder without using an Extra Power-up.
The way it is The way it is
Complete a Wonder without using a shuffle.
Golden Clock Golden Clock
Complete all Wonders with no time outs.
5 Gamer 5 Gamer
Unlock 5 bonus mini-games.
Redecorator Redecorator
Relocate any building or decoration to another location.
Research Prize Research Prize
Complete all levels in the Research Lab game.
Lay the cornerstone Lay the cornerstone
Construct the first building in your village.
Tree Hugger Tree Hugger
Populate your village with 5 trees.
Good start Good start
Complete the first Wonder.