5089: The Action RPG Achievement List

Hit by Meteor Hit by Meteor
The sky is falling… and I caught it!
Surveyor Down Surveyor Down
Rebel with a cause.
I beat it! I beat it!
… but are things better for Xax?
Homeland Attacked Homeland Attacked
Being a traitor never felt so just…
Gold Overwrite Gold Overwrite
The Midas touch.
Violet Overwrite Violet Overwrite
Chaos ensues.
Sent Home Sent Home
Master cuts you a deal, although not the best one…
Master Hacked Master Hacked
l33t sk1llz y0
Master Lockout Master Lockout
Console n00b
Hatch Key Hatch Key
Robot in the hole!
Hatch Door Key Hatch Door Key
What is behind door #1?
Console Online Console Online
We’re in!
First Report First Report
Yeah, I’m going to need those TPS reports…
Special Report Special Report
This report is a little… unique…
Struck by Lightning Struck by Lightning
They say it only happens once… but you are made of metal!
Killed Killed
Time to pick up the pieces…