404Sight Achievement List

Common Carrier Common Carrier
Spend 40 seconds total in neutral lanes in a single level.
Gigabit Guru Gigabit Guru
Spend 24 seconds total in fast lanes in level 10.
Dial-Up Denizen Dial-Up Denizen
Spend 15 seconds total in slow lanes in a single map.
Speed Test Speed Test
Used your sprint ability for the first time.
I Missed I Missed
Died from falling off the map.
Packet Loss Packet Loss
Died from running out of bandwidth.
Repeat Offender Repeat Offender
Die 3 times due to running out of bandwidth.
404 Flight 404 Flight
Died from falling off the map a total of 4 times.
Power User Power User
Spend over 60 seconds total with max bandwidth in level 8.
Data Cap Data Cap
Spend over 35 seconds total with less than half bandwidth in level 2.
Binge Watcher Binge Watcher
Spend over 40 seconds total with more than half bandwidth in level 5.
Connection Bounced Connection Bounced
Jump over 10 times in level 7
Prism Prism
Triggered 42 inhibitors in level 12.
Deus Ex Machina Deus Ex Machina
Destroy 5 inhibitors with your sprint ability in level 7.
Speed Is King Speed Is King
Use the sprint ability 10 times.
Turn on and off your ping 50 times.
Internet Saved Internet Saved
You saved the internet! For now…
Tutorial Triumphant Tutorial Triumphant
You’ve survived the first level, more challenges await!
Why would you do that? Why would you do that?
Seriously, why?