4 Elements Achievement List

Tactician Tactician
Make a 16 pieces long chain.
Barricade Blaster Barricade Blaster
Clear away 20 stone slabs using long chains.
Strategist Strategist
Make a minimum of 4 long chains in a row.
Overachiever Overachiever
Complete a level by using long chains only.
Practical Approach Practical Approach
Use all four power-ups on a level.
Sharp Eye Sharp Eye
Spot all the differences between two cards within a short time.
Quick as a Flash Quick as a Flash
Complete the quest in 90 seconds or less.
Endurer Endurer
Complete twenty levels in a row without losing any.
Independent Spirit Independent Spirit
Complete a level without getting stuck.
The Earth Magus The Earth Magus
Restore the first Book of Elements.
The Fire Magus The Fire Magus
Restore the second Book of Elements.
The Air Magus The Air Magus
Restore the third Book of Elements.
The Water Magus The Water Magus
Restore the forth Book of Elements.
Power of the Elements Power of the Elements
Complete the game and save the magical world.