1917 – The Alien Invasion Achievement List

Checkmate Checkmate
Kill the first Boss
Rocket Science To Hell Rocket Science To Hell
Kill the second Boss
Babylon Will Fall Babylon Will Fall
Kill the third Boss
Irrational Love Irrational Love
Kill the fourth Boss
Headless Monarch Headless Monarch
Kill the final Boss
No One Can Stop Me No One Can Stop Me
Playthrough with less than 100 deaths
Beezlebub Warrior Beezlebub Warrior
Playthrough with less than 50 deaths
On The Road Of Heroes On The Road Of Heroes
Playthrough with less than 25 deaths
Beezlebub Hero Beezlebub Hero
Playthrough with less than 10 deaths
1CC Without A Coin 1CC Without A Coin
Playthrough without death. Become a true Bullet Hell Legend
Now The Whole Game Now The Whole Game
Get a 360 Combo
In The Name Of Satan In The Name Of Satan
Get a 666 Combo
Insane!!! Insane!!!
Get a 1000 Combo
Combo King! Combo King!
Get a 1500 Combo