1775: Rebellion Achievement List

American Victory American Victory
Win the 1775 scenario while controlling both American sides vs AI
British Victory British Victory
Win the 1775 scenario while controlling both British sides vs AI
Conqueror Conqueror
Win an online multiplayer game.
Decimate Decimate
Be victorious in 3 separate map areas in a single battle phase.
High Seas High Seas
Use a Warship to invade another map area.
Gone Fishing Gone Fishing
Use a fishing boat to move an army.
Warden of the North Warden of the North
Call in Hessian reinforcements in Nova Scotia using the Warden of the North card.
John Butler John Butler
Use the John Butler card to gain a free attack roll.
Comte de Rochambeau Comte de Rochambeau
Use the Comte de Rochambeau card to bring in French reinforements in Rhode Island
Declaration of Independence Declaration of Independence
Use the Declaration of Independence card to ignore the flee results in combat.