16bit Trader Achievement List

Pious Pious
Help the monks of Lackov.
Sea Dog Sea Dog
Tame the waves of all of the seas.
Jewel Eye Jewel Eye
Explore the mines and ruins.
A Brave Heart A Brave Heart
Prove your bravery and become a knight.
Traveller Traveller
Roam the roads of Asavala.
Explorer Explorer
Penetrate the mines of the Kingdom.
An Honest Man An Honest Man
Gain Spive’s Thieves Guild recognition.
Helper of Humanity Helper of Humanity
Complete all side quests.
Persistence Persistence
Play for 5 consecutive days.
Extra Persistence Extra Persistence
Play for 10 consecutive days.
A Small Army A Small Army
Hire 30 companions.
Big Gun Big Gun
Earn 150000 gold in one transaction.
Trade Council Trade Council
Earn the title Head of the Trade Council.
Keys to the Town Keys to the Town
Earn Murrevorra’s honorary citizenship
Enlightened Mind Enlightened Mind
Gain Losidofian engineers recognition.
Quick Trade Quick Trade
Gain 1000000 gold before the 1500th day.