12 Labours of Hercules Achievement List

Beat record Beat record
Beat your own Gold record.
Manual Dexterity Manual Dexterity
Tap 100 times anywhere on the screen while playing a single level.
Gold reserve Gold reserve
Complete 2 levels in Gold time with at least 10 seconds remaining.
First Gold First Gold
Complete 3 levels in Gold time.
Trickster Trickster
Servant must collect one resource once all objectives have been met.
Strategist Strategist
Complete a level in Gold time without using any bonuses.
Juggler Juggler
Call upon 3 different characters simultaneously.
Persistence Persistence
Use the same bonus again before its time runs out.
Perfection Perfection
Complete a mini-game without losing any health points.
Athlete Athlete
Call upon any 4 servants with the «Run faster!» bonus.
Commander Commander
Call upon 5 characters.
Diligence Diligence
Call upon any 3 servants using the «Work faster!» bonus.
Double bonus Double bonus
Use 2 different bonuses together.
Homage to Homer Homage to Homer
Four servants at the house.
Croesus Croesus
Collect 100 golds.
The Golden Mean The Golden Mean
Complete 20 levels in Gold time!
Timekeeper Timekeeper
Use the «Stop the clock!» bonus three times in one level.
Builder Builder
Collect 100 supplies.
Merchant Merchant
Collect 30+ resources using the «More resources!» bonus.
Excellence Excellence
Complete all mini-games perfectly!
Gold Chain Gold Chain
Complete all levels in Gold time!
Champion of Champions Champion of Champions
Earn every achievement!