1001 Spikes Achievement List

Golden Boy Golden Boy
Complete the Golden Temple
Stone Cold Stone Cold
Complete Antarctica
Lost and Found Lost and Found
Complete the Lost Levels
Towerful Towerful
Complete the Tower of Nannar
Headhunter Headhunter
Collect all golden skulls
Collector Collector
Unlock every character and costume
Speed Runner Speed Runner
Complete every stage of the main game as Aban Hawkins with a cumulative time of less than 30 minutes
Serpentine Serpentine
Find the Key of Serpentis
Like to Watch Like to Watch
Purchase Cutscene Theatre
One Man Soldier One Man Soldier
Purchased Tactical Gear Cosplay Costume
Mr. Karatekarate Mr. Karatekarate
Purchased Tattered Gi Cosplay Costume
What A Horrible Knight What A Horrible Knight
Purchased Red Armor Cosplay Costume
From Demon Village, with Love From Demon Village, with Love
Purchased Asano Armor Cosplay Costume
Ninja Westside Story Ninja Westside Story
Purchased Ninja Gi Cosplay Costume
Yes, I'm Insured! Yes, I’m Insured!
Purchased Thompsoncare
Onesan Onesan
Unlocked Tina Hawkins
Baka Oyaji Baka Oyaji
Unlocked Jim Hawkins
Yes, I Can! Yes, I Can!
Unlocked President Thompson
Herro! Herro!
Unlocked Sugimoto
Dead Walker Dead Walker
Unlocked Zombie
Unlocked Commander Video
A Strange Dream A Strange Dream
Unlocked Juni
An Iron Bond An Iron Bond
Unlocked Curly Brace
Kindred Spirits Kindred Spirits
Unlocked Nyx
Number None Number None
Unlocked El Testigo