001 Game Creator Achievement List

A Helping Hand A Helping Hand
Import a resource using “Import Resources”.
Contributor Contributor
Export a resource in one of the resource editors.
Running in Circles Running in Circles
Create an actor route that fully connects.
The Name Game The Name Game
Create a new project with the word “Test” in it.
Rock 'n' Roll Rock ‘n’ Roll
Use the “Music Player” while working on your project.
We need to go deeper... We need to go deeper…
Place a sub script within another sub script.
Game Tester Game Tester
Play a built-in example or demo game.
Trial and Error Trial and Error
Test one game 10 times in one sitting.
Different Point of View Different Point of View
Create a game that has maps with different views.
Minions Minions
Create a map with 20 actors of a base actor template with “Allow changes in placed actors” unchecked.
It's Alive! It’s Alive!
Use “Build Game” to allow you to distribute your game..