Zombie Kill of the Week – Reborn Achievement Guide

  • Author : Nerdburglars
  • Time To Complete : 15 Hours
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online : 0/31
  • Offline : 31/31
  • Missable : 0
  • Glitched : 0
  • Num Playthroughs : N/A

Zombie Kill of the week is like an 8bit, side scroller version of the Call of Duty zombies game. You must survive wave after wave of zombie hordes in order to gather more money in order to kill more and more hordes of zombies. Pretty simple really. The achievement list is also pretty simple, but its a bit of a time killer.

Achievement Walkthrough Toggle Toggle Walkthrough

There is no ultimate strategy for this. In order to get them all you need to play for at least 15 hours as there is an achievement that requires you to play this amount of time. You must spend this 15 hours in game and not idle in the main menu which is gonna be a bit of deal breaker for some who are looking to get 100%.

The best way to get 100% is to just start a few single player games. Make sure to play on normal difficulty as you want to be able to collect the cell phones in order to get AI bots that will help you slay some zombies. As you are going through each of the levels, you should end up unlocking most of the achievements without having to try. The natural progression will allow you to get most. They can be done in any order and none of them can be missed, so just go through the list below and start working towards completing each achievement, one at a time. I will leave a note below if some of the achievements can be combined to make life easier.

Difficulty does not affect any of the achievements, so play on easy once you have gathered the bots to help you. There will be exceptions such as “Hide and Seek” where you must play on normal difficulty.

There are also achievements associated with the games challenge mode. You must survive each of the levels while in challenge mode for 4 minutes. Its quite tough as you only have a shotgun, but i found a pretty simple way to beat this. Find an area of the map where you can see a portion of the map below. Zombies tend to spawn below you and the spawn limit will be hit. Since they cant get to you and you cant kill them, the timer will run down if you just stay still.

Achievement Guide
Poppi'n Heads! Poppi’n Heads!
Get 100 headshots in one match.

Should come naturally. Headshots do more damage, so if you are looking to get to the higher rounds, you should be aiming for the head all the time. 

Medic! Medic!
Help your friend in need.

This can be done with an AI partner or in the multiplayer. When a friendly player is downed by zombies, you will have around 30 seconds or so to revive them. Walk over to the downed player and press E to revive them.

I'm Rich! I’m Rich!
Own atleast 5000$ in one match

I would suggest you spend points on the skill that lets you gather more money. Even if you don’t, getting 5000 isn’t too hard. You need to have $5000 on you at a single time. It does not include money spent. There will be many times with other achievements where you will have over $10k, so no need to worry about this one at the start. Having a few bot partners will make this super easy.

Blood Waster! Blood Waster!
Fight your way to round 20.

Getting to roung 20 is pretty tough when you first start playing, but after some practice it is not that much of a challenge. If anything, on easy difficulty with AI partners, its almost hard not to get to round 20. You can leave the game play on its own and the bots will almost get to round 30 without you having to join them.

Such An Meaty Strike! Such An Meaty Strike!
Get 5 meats in a single game from the fridge.

This is going to cost you a lot of money, it could also come quite cheap. This achievement is entirely luck based. The fridges act like a mystery weapon box. You pay $500 and you don’t know what you will get inside. Usually you get some kick ass weapon, but the odd time you will get a large chunk of meat. You will need to keep spamming the fridge and eventually you will get 5 pieces of meat. It does not have to be in a row, but it does need to be in the one game. This can be combined with “Hide and Seek” if you play the level on normal difficulty.

Get Your Hands Dirty! Get Your Hands Dirty!
Kill 15 zombies with a katana, and 25 with saw in one match.

This is not as difficult as it sounds. You do not need to kill these exact numbers and i also dont think it needs to be done in any order. When i got this i killed close to 100 zombies with the katana and then purchased the chainsaw. The achevement popped when i killed 25 zombies with the chainsaw. Playing on easy, with bots will make this super easy.

Rank 10! Rank 10!
Get promoted to rank 10.

When you create a character you will begin to rank up based on the amount of kills that you get. Getting to rank 10 shouldn’t take too long. You will likely get here in around an hour of game time.

Rank 30! Rank 30!
Get promoted to rank 30.

Getting to rank 30 is a bit of a steep hill to climb compared to getting to rank 10, but it isn’t an issue as you must play for 15 hour sto get all the achievements anyway. It should take around 7-8hours to get to rank 30.

One Hour! One Hour!
You have played ZKW for an hour.

Play the game for an hour. You MUST play the game for an hour. Being idle in the menu does not count. See “15 Hours” for more.

5 Hours! 5 Hours!
You have wasted 5 hours of your life.

Being idle in the menu does not count. See “15 Hours” for more.

10 Hours! 10 Hours!
And still going?

Being idle in the menu does not count. See “15 Hours” for more.

15 Hours! 15 Hours!
Go see your friends!

This achievement turns a game that would normally be a 7-8 hour game into a 15 hour game. This is going to be a major grind if you don’t get hooked to the multiplayer. You need to actually play the game for this to count. Sitting in the main menu doing nothing does not count toward the total. I found the game to get a little boring after 5 hours. Once all other achievements have been obtained this is going to become a major grind.

Get Back In Da Grave! Get Back In Da Grave!
Slaughter 5000 zombies in total.

Should come after a few hours. Not a major challenge considering the amount of zombies there are to kill.

I Told You To Get Back! I Told You To Get Back!
Slaughter 10 000 zombies in total.

This is also fairly easy to obtain. I got this at around 4 hours of game time. Was at level 24 when it unlocked. Just keep killing and killing. Should come along the way.

Hack'n Slash! Hack’n Slash!
Slice 53 zombies in one match.

Using the Katana, kill 53 enemies in a single game. Play on easy and this is pretty simple.

Tank Dispencer! Tank Dispencer!
Encounter all 3 tanks, and get them killed.

Tanks appear at set intervals. They are single enemies that contain a huge amount of health and can often be pretty hard to take down. Once you get good at the game and have bots to play with you, start any map on easy difficulty. This will make it super easy to kill all the tanks in a single game.

You Smell That? You Smell That?
Grill 50 zombies with flame in a single match.

When you are spamming the fridge for the “Hide and Seek” achievement, keep a lookout for the flamethrower. It’s fairly common so you are almost sure to get it at some stage. Once you get it, just burn up 50 zombies. Its crazy powerful, so its gonna be simple once you have it.

Ima Fire With Mah Lazor! Ima Fire With Mah Lazor!
Get the GiGaGirlGannon, and kill 10 zombies within 10 seconds.

This one seems to be glitched as i got it without buying the perk to get the GiGaGirlGannon. One of the tanks in the game looks like some sort of doctor with a purple squid head. When you kill him his head comes off and he will chase after you. Once you kill the head he will drop a green blob as a powerup. Collect this and get 10 kills within 10 seconds and you will get it. For me i got it when the one shot kill powerup dropped 

Mah Boomstick! Mah Boomstick!
Get a shotgun, and make 20 zombies crawl in front of you.

This one took me a while to figure out. Its best done solo and on normal difficulty. The reason for this is easy will cause a shotgun bullet to kill most zombies until you get onto the harder rounds. Doing it on normal is actually easier as one shot tends not to kill them, but instead turn them into a crawler. 

I found the easiest place to do this was in the hospital. See the image below for the best way to stand. Aim for the legs and it will be a walk in the park.

Crawler Zombie

I Want To Be Free! I Want To Be Free!
Open all areas in a single match.

You will notice that all levels have metal doors that you must pay to unlock. There are also pads on the floor that spring you up into the air. In some levels there will also be a green door that you must find a key to unlock. You will need to unlock all of these tings in a single level and in one match for the achievement to unlock. Much easier to do this in multiplayer as you will have others to unlock the doors too.

I'm Not A Wise Man! I’m Not A Wise Man!
Get yourself killed with a grenade. Dumbass.

Throw a grenade then go and stand on it. Pretty easy.

Where Am I Going? Where Am I Going?
Stand still for 30 seconds, wondering about your life.

Pretty self explanitory, but you will also get this when going for the achievements where you must survive each level for 4 minutes.

Hide And Seek! Hide And Seek!
Find the fridge and make it disappear. Repeat 3 times.

This must be done on normal difficulty. I tried this twice in the hospital on easy and the fridge was not vanishing. In the end i got this done in the mall, on normal diffiulty. Keep buying stuff from the fridge and it will eventually vanish and appear in a new location. Do it 3 times in one single game and you will get the achievement.

Air Kill! Air Kill!
Zombies are not ment to fly.

When a zombie is in the air, shoot and kill it. Very easy to get, should unlock without you having to try.

Taxidermy! Taxidermy!
Kill the zombie bear before he takes your money.

The bear is one of the tank bosses. This guy sucks as he will steal your money if he hits off you. If you are lucky he will appear and pick on one of the bots in the game, leaving you alone. This gives you time to kill him. Playing on easy will of course make this much easier to complete. You must kill him before he can take your money. Its very hard to do this solo as he runs much faster than you do making it impossible to run away from him. Having the frost bullets will also help a lot with this.

Feeling Sick! Feeling Sick!
Survive 4 minutes in Abandoned Hospital. (Challenge mode)

As explained in the main guide, this can be done quite easily, by abusing the spawn system. You do not need to get any kills, just survive until the timer runs down. The picture below shows the best location to stand in order to avoid any zombies attacking you. Wait until the timer runs down and you will get the achievement.

Survive 4 minutes in hospital

Getting Colder! Getting Colder!
Survive 4 minutes in RedSnow. (Challenge mode)

Make your way to the location in the image and just hang around here. One or 2 zombies might come down the steps, but its easy ti deal with them. The rest will get stuck in the area above.

Red Snow 4 Minutes

Black Friday! Black Friday!
Survive 4 minutes in Night At The Mall. (Challenge mode)

Make your way to the area in the image. This is the place that has the green key. This was the most challenging of all to get working as a couple of zombies came to me for the first minute. After this they stopped coming. 

Mall 4 minutes

Sacrilege! Sacrilege!
Survive 4 minutes in Arise. (Challenge mode)

I’m not sure if i just got lucky here or what, but when i got to the location in the image i ran out of money and couldnt run. Ended up jumping around to kill the remaining zombies and after this they all just stopped coming.

Arise 4 Minutes

Rocket Scientist! Rocket Scientist!
Survive 4 minutes in Area 73. (Challenge mode)

This was the easiest of them all, but requires you to stay completely still. Run right as far as possible. Stop when you get to the door and stand right next to it. This door will blow up eventually and if you move, zombies could come from the right and mess this up. For me i got to the door after about 10 seconds and just waited. Didn’t have to kill a single zombie after this. 

Area 74 4 Minutes

Showdown! Showdown!
Survive 4 minutes in Homerun. (Challenge mode)

This one can be tough as you need to get to this room pretty fast and it will take some money so you have to get through a few waves before you can afford it. Make your way as far left as possible. Once you get to the elevato and the doors open, stand there and do not move. A couple of zombies will come at first and after this you will be safe to wait the out the remaining 4 minutes. Make sure you do not go down the lift.