Unium Achievement Guide

  • Author : BlaXpirit
  • Time To Complete :
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online : 0/22
  • Offline : 22/22
  • Missable : 0
  • Glitched :
  • Num Playthroughs : N/A
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The achievements could be grouped into 2 main categories. The ones that simply require you to complete X number of levels of a particular difficulty and then the others that require you to complete a level in a particular way. Some can be tricky, but using the guide it becomes incredibly easy to obtain all of the achievements for this game. 


Each of the non completion related achievements have a guide below for each one that will show you what you need to do to obtain the achievement eas easily as possible, including the level to achieve it. 

Achievement Guide
Beginner Beginner
Solve 10 Beginner puzzles

As the description says, solve 10 puzzles under the beginner category.

Easy Easy
Solve 10 Easy puzzles

Complete 10 easy puzzles.

Medium I Medium I
Solve 10 Medium puzzles

Complete 10 medium puzzles.

Medium II Medium II
Solve 20 Medium puzzles

Complete 20 medium puzzles.

Advanced I Advanced I
Solve 10 Advanced puzzles

Complete 10 advanced puzzles.

Advanced II Advanced II
Solve 20 Advanced puzzles

Complete 20 advances puzzles.

Advanced III Advanced III
Solve 30 Advanced puzzles

Complete 30 advanced puzzles

Advanced IV Advanced IV
Solve 40 Advanced puzzles

Complete 40 advanced puzzles

Advanced V Advanced V
Solve 50 Advanced puzzles

Complete 50 advanced puzzles.

Battery Powered Battery Powered
Solve “Battery” by overlapping the line twice.

Battery Powered Guide

Pisces Pisces
Solve “Fish” by overlapping the fish’s eye.

Pisces Guide

Shades Shades
Solve “Spectacles” without using either of the neutral tiles.

Spectacles Guide

Mad Hatter Mad Hatter
Solve “Top Hat” by overlapping the line twice.

Mad Hatter Guide

Protection Protection
Solve “Helmet” by overlapping the line twice.

Protection Guide

Truckin' Truckin’
Solve “Lorry” by overlapping the window.

Truckin' Guide

Morel Morel
Solve “Mushroom” by overlapping the line twice.

Morel Guide

Caffeine Caffeine
Solve “Hot Coffee” without using the neutral tile.

Caffeine Guide

Shipping Costs Shipping Costs
Solve “Imbalanced Load” by overlapping the line three times.

Shipping Costs Guide

Ace of Spades Ace of Spades
Solve “The Only Card You Need” two ways: Once crossing the line on the center neutral tile, and once without.

This is the solution for “without crossing the neutral tile“:

NOTE! You still use the Neutral tile!! (That’s what really had me confused! :p)

Ace Of Spades Guide

Nocturnal Nocturnal
Make a moth out of “Flutterby” by turning all tiles white, except for 3,4 and 8,4.

Nocturnal Guide

Recessive Recessive
Solve “Punnett” by overlapping all four tiles in all three white squares.

Recessive Guide

Medium III Medium III
Solve 30 Medium puzzles.

Like the other completion related achievements. Complete 30 medium puzzles to get this achievement