The NADI Project Achievement Guide

  • Author : Pink Monkey
  • Time To Complete : 1-5 Hours
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online : 0/9
  • Offline : 9/9
  • Missable : N/A
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : N/A
Achievement Guide
The NADI Project The NADI Project
Welcome to The NADI Project !

Start a new game.

The Plane The Plane
What’s happening to your plane ?
  • Go to the table, then left click on the bottle of pills to pick it up.
  • Open up your inventory with i and combine the water and pills. While in inventory, click on the newly made ‘Headache Solution’ then open it again to combine it with the glass. Make sure you’re looking at the glass before you select the ‘Headache Solution’
A Ruby A Ruby
A ruby on a desert island ?

Upon starting on the Island, Head over to the explosive barrels. Examine the ruby on the ground.

Radio Tower Radio Tower
It’s not a mobile tower.

After entering the cave and unlocking the achievment, take the following steps.

  • Make your way to the end of the memory and you’ll be warped back to the cave. Head to the other side of the generator inside and you’ll find a table with a box. Take the USB Pendrive.
  • Exit the cave, then go towards the house halfway. Take a left and follow the path to a building named ‘Cerberus Electronics’ which appears to be a huge bunker. Use the USB Pendrive with the Door Access Panel. Before entering, go to the fence over to your left. Behind it is another ruby, examine that one.
  • Head inside the bunker, follow the linear path until you get to the main room. Take the crowbar on the table to your right. Pickup the ruby in the middle of the room on the ground. Go to the left far corner of the room, open the lower hatch to find a spare fuse. Use the spare fuse with the machine without fuse to power up the tower.
The Cave The Cave
Hey, it’ dark here.

After getting to the lighthouse and unlocking “Her House”, continue on based on the following steps.

  • Now, make your way inside of the lighthouse and examine the 2nd shelf on the middle bookcase for a rag. Combine the rag with the stick to create an incomplete torch.
  • Head back to the house and go up one set of steps. To the left is a wooden barrel with tar inside in between a pair of metal barrels. Use the incomplete torch on the tar barrel then head to the cave and enter it.
  • Make your way to the very back of the cave. Enter the right side towards the graves. Small Note: If the memory is messing up for you, as long as you have the following achievement, you’ll be fine. Just skip to the next point so you can get the key item you need in the cave.
The Lighthouse The Lighthouse
An old lighthouse.

Continued from “Radio Tower”.

  • Now make your way to the radio tower. In between the tower and the generator are some rubies. Examine those.
  • back to the lighthouse with the crowbar. Use the crowbar with the gate.
Her House Her House
Anna, her story, her house.

After obtaining “A Ruby”.

  • Head up the path on your left. Carry on that path until you see a cave to the left. Examine the ruby on the ground.
  • Take the path to the right, and hug the wall right wall. Keep going until you find a barrel with a note on top of it. Examine the torn paper and it’ll be added to your inventory.
  • Return to the path where you came from, go straight this time towards the house. At the stairs, go straight at the truck. You’ll find another set of torn paper on the passenger chair. Take it.
  • Now go into the house and stay on the first floor. Go under the stairs then left into the bathroom area. On the right is a cabinet with a torn paper, another note. Now go up the stairs at the house all the way. Combine all three sheets of paper to make the Note with Code item to open the safe. You will find an axe inside.
  • Now turn around and go to the other room on this floor. Go to the balcony and you’ll find some more rubies, examine them.
  • Now go back halfway to where you entered from. Take a left. You should see the truck to your left, then several piles of trunks. You’ll want to go to the piles of trunks that are under a roof, so they’re dry. Use an axe with them to create the ‘stick’.
  • Head to the lighthouse. The path is behind the truck that you found the note in. At one point, you’ll cross a bridge. There are some rubies to the left right after the bridge. Examine those. That should be the last ruby.
The End ? The End ?
The End ?
  • If you’re missing any achievements, make sure to do them first prior to doing this next step.
  • Now with the codebook in hand, head back to the house and use the radio transmitter.
Her Story Her Story
The complete story of Anna

Continued from “The Lighthouse”.

Enter through the gates and up the stairs. Grab the codebook on your left on the table. Then grab the book on your right in the chest. If you’ve gotten all 7 rubies, then you should be able to pick it up.