The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Achievement Guide

  • Author : Saf1r!!!!!!!!
  • Time To Complete : 80-100 Hours
  • Difficulty : 4
  • Online : 0/75
  • Offline : 75/75
  • Missable :
  • Glitched : N/A
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

This guide was created for those interested in getting all the achievements in the game Skyrim. There are no difficult achievement to get, just a few achievements that require some DLCs (Dragonborn, Dawnguard, Hearthfire) and effort to make the necessary quests and objetives. I advise to take a look in the index to the right of the page, to find easier what you are looking. If it help you in any way, only ask that you leave your evaluation, and if there’s something wrong, comment something.

Achievement Guide
Unbound Unbound
Complete “Unbound”

Will unlock after completing this quest.

Bleak Falls Barrow Bleak Falls Barrow
Complete “Bleak Falls Barrow”

Will unlock after completing this quest.

The Way of the Voice The Way of the Voice
Complete “The Way of the Voice”

Will unlock after completing this quest.

Diplomatic Immunity Diplomatic Immunity
Complete “Diplomatic Immunity”

Will unlock after completing this quest.

Alduin's Wall Alduin’s Wall
Complete “Alduin’s Wall”

Will unlock after completing this quest.

Elder Knowledge Elder Knowledge
Complete “Elder Knowledge”

Will unlock after completing this quest.

The Fallen The Fallen
Complete “The Fallen”

Will unlock after completing this quest.

Dragonslayer Dragonslayer
Complete “Dragonslayer”

Will unlock after completing this quest.

Take Up Arms Take Up Arms
Join the Companions

Join the Companions, The building up on the hill in the city of Whiterun (east of dragonsreach) is called Jorrvaskr. talk to Kodlak, who is downstairs in the basement and start you training.

Blood Oath Blood Oath
Become a member of the Circle

before getting this achievement, you must complete 2 quests (Hired Muscle and The Silver Hand), shortly after returning to whiterun and jorrvaskr, talk to Skjor in the evening around the building.

Glory of the Dead Glory of the Dead
Complete “Glory of the Dead”

To finish off the warrior’s guild questline, you simply have to wrap up the following quests from people within the Companions:

Retrieval – Head to Broken Helm Hollow and retrieve an artefact
Stealing Plans – Steal something from Fort Fellhammer
Blood’s Honour – Head to a coven and grab something for the guild
Purity of Revenge – Head to a stronghold and retrieve another artefact
Glory of the Dead – Complete this to finish the faction

Gatekeeper Gatekeeper
Join the College of Winterhold

To simply kick off the mage’s guild storyline, head to the College of Winterhold and speak with the grand teacher, Tolfdir. After completing the “First Lessons” quest, you’ll have joined the College of Winterhold.

Revealing the Unseen Revealing the Unseen
Complete “Revealing the Unseen”

There’s a couple of quests here you’ll have to do before you net this achievement:

Under Saarthal – which has you visiting a dig site and then facing some evil beings
Hitting the Books – speaking to Urag gro-Shub and accepting the mission has you heading off to Fellglow Keep to grab some stolen books
Good Intentions – you’ll be sent deep below the College to speak to a wise being
Revealing the Unseen – one hell of a long quest that sees you head to the dwarven structure, Mzulft

The Eye of Magnus The Eye of Magnus
Complete “The Eye of Magnus”

For completing the 9th Mage’s Guild mission, AKA the College of Winterhold Quests, you’ll successfully have completed the Mage’s Guild questline and you’ll net the final achievement. The quests you’ll have to complete to finish off the questline are as follows:

Containment – Report to Mirabelle Ervine and complete her task
The Staff of Magnus – Head to Labyrinthian and grab the staff
The Eye of Magnus – Complete the last quest

Taking Care of Business Taking Care of Business
Join the Thieves Guild

In order to kick off the Thieves Guild questline, you’ll have to do a small quest for Brynjolf in Riften, on the square. He’ll be there at his stall between 8am and 8pm. Once you’ve done that he’ll want to meet you at the Ragged Flagon under Riften in the Ratway, which is the start of the Taking Care of Business quest, which is your way into the Thieves Guild.

Darkness Returns Darkness Returns
Complete “Darkness Returns”

For the second Thieves Guild achievement, you’ll have to partake in a few thieves guild jobs first. The following are missions required for this achievement:

Loud and Clear – A nice little heist job of sorts
Dampened Spirits – Someone wants you to do some of their dirty work
Speaking With Silence – Head into the dark depths of the Snow Veil Sanctum
Hard Answers – Head to Winterhold and beyond
Darkness Returns – The less said, the better, just complete this quest
The Pursuit – Head back to the thieves guild and begin this new quest
Trinity Restored – Take a trip to get something of great power
Blindsighted – Travel somewhere and get something important
Darkness Returns – Finish it, once and for all

One with the Shadows One with the Shadows
Returned the Thieves Guild to its former glory

for this achievement, you must realize about 40 jobs for Delvin and Vex after darkness returns, after doing all of them will give you 4 quests for the 4 major cities (not riften).

The types of mission are:


The Numbers Job – forge a specific ledger
The Fishing Job – pickpocket a specific item
The Bedlam Job – steal 500 gold of goods from one city

The Burglary Job – steal a specific something from someone’s house
The Shill Job – plant a specific stolen object in someone’s house
The Sweep Job – steal a series of specific valuable items from someone’s house
The Heist Job – steal from a shop
Then you’ll have to do the following quests in each city:

Imitation Amnesty – Whiterun
Silver Lining – Markarth
Windhelm – Summerset Shadows
The Dainty Sload – Solitude
Then finally:

Under New Management – Speak to Brynjolf to start this bad boy when you have done the other 4 main quests

With Friends Like These… With Friends Like These…
Join the Dark Brotherhood

To join the Dark Brotherhood, you must do the side quest “Talk to Aventus Aretino”, just after finishing the quest and do what the boy calls, just wait a mysterious note, and soon sleep. You’ll end up in a cabin with a member of the Dark Brotherhood.

Bound Until Death Bound Until Death
Complete “Bound Until Death”

Ahhh, the Dark Brotherhood, the best of the questlines once again. You’ll have to embark on a number of rather evil quests here once you’ve enlisted and visited the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary by Falkreath. These are:

Contract: Kill Narfi
Contract: Kill Ennodius Papius
Contract: Kill Beitild
Mourning Never Comes – To Markarth it is!
Whispers in the Dark – Do a favour for Astrid
Contract: Kill Lurbuk
Contract: Kill Hern
The Silence Has Been Broken – Head to Volunruud on a quest
Bound Until Death – Big job calls for the Dark Brotherhood’s finest

Hail Sithis! Hail Sithis!
Complete “Hail Sithis!”

And with all good things, they must come to an end! To finish off the Dark Brotherhood you’ll need to do these quests:

Breaching Security – Gabriella needs you to do a job
The Cure for Madness – Astrid needs your assistance
Recipe for Disaster – The penultimate quest sees you head to Markarth and beyond
To Kill an Empire – The big, big finale here you’ve been working towards for the DB and it needs the deft touch of a Dark Brotherhood assassin
Death Incarnate – Things aren’t over just yet
Hail Sithis – And finally…

Taking Sides Taking Sides
Join the Stormcloaks or the Imperial Army

There are two ways to play this: you either go and do a quest for Legate Rikke who can be found in Castle Dour at Solitude; or you go and do a quest for Galmar Stone-Fist who’s in the Palace of Kings at Windhelm. Your choice, but for the purposes of the next three achievements, we’re going to talk as if you go down the path of the Imperial Army – because that’s what I did! Regardless of which way you go though, the achievement will pop after you’ve proved yourself to whichever side you choose.

War Hero War Hero
Capture Fort Sungard or Fort Greenwall

You’ll have to do a handful of quests here to initiate the fort capture, but they’re essentially of similar ilk, but from different sides, we assume. These quests are (and these are the Imperial names of them):

The Jagged Crown – Takes you to Korvanjund
Message to Whiterun – Deliver a message and more
Battle for Whiterun – Take sides
Reunification of Skyrim – Ongoing
Compelling Tribute – Gain valuables for the war effort
The Battle for Fort Greenwall – As it sounds

Hero of Skyrim Hero of Skyrim
Capture Solitude or Windhelm

It’s final push time in the civil war questline. These quests are needed to round it off, of course, from the perspective of the Imperial Army again (NOTE: Reunification of Skyrim is still on going here too):

Rescue From Fort Kastav – Rescue fellow soldiers
The Battle for Fort Sungard – Same as before
The Battle for Fort Amol – And again
Battle for Windhelm – It’s all been building up to this. Finish it and the questline is complete

Sideways Sideways
Complete 10 side quests

What is a side-quest? Well, that’s a trickier question that it sounds… a side quest in Skyrim is a quest that is big enough that it’s not classed as a “Miscellaneous Objective,” a quest that isn’t a questline quest (i.e. main quest, guild quest and the civil war quests) or one of the many Daedric quests. It’s tougher than it sounds in all honesty and tricky to work out. Out of 86 quests (at last check), only 12 of those were side missions. As long as it doesn’t fall under the three points above though and is fairly substantial (they’re not short missions!), then it should register as a side-mission.
Things like the quest for the trader in Riverwood that sends you to Bleak Falls Barrow to retrieve the golden claw are side missions, visiting somewhere because someone told you to are not.

Hero of the People Hero of the People
Complete 50 Misc Objectives

A “Miscellaneous Objective” is a small quest that isn’t quite big enough to be a quest and so is classed as an MO. These can involve visiting a museum in Dawnstar (which triggers a mission), visiting someone, following up on a lead, seeking out a source of power, clearing out a bandit camp and so on.

To see what you have activated in the MO menu and what you can do (you can even tag them on the map as well), then hit the start menu and on the quest tab, scroll down to the bottom of the incomplete quests section and then move right and see what you’ve got to do.

If you want to add stuff onto here then try talking to barmen about rumours and generally speak to people galore, probing for tidbits of information and so on. You’ll find all the courier “quests” and barmen bandit clear outs fall under this heading, so if you’re wanting to do some, you know where to head first.

Hard Worker Hard Worker
Chop wood, mine ore, and cook food

Might sound easy enough, but it’s all about getting the right stuff and being in the right place. I’ll break down all three, and some are obviously easier than others:

– Chop wood – Simple, go to Riverwood and on the left, by the river will be a wood cutting machine. Click the prompt on the wood stacked by the machine to load it in, and then go over the other side of the log and pull the lever. Simple. If that fails, which it has for some people, try using a chopping block and an axe – again found in Riverwood and all over Skyrim.

– Mine ore – For this one, for starters, you need a pick-axe, so whenever you see one lying around, pick it up… or buy one. Then you need to find something to ore and actually finding somewhere is easier said than done. I’ve compiled a few locations for you to get you started (this isn’t all of them, just a selection that I encountered in my travels):

Movarth’s Lair – northeast of Morthal (have to go here for ‘Laid to Rest’ quest)
Shor’s Stone, inside Redbelly Mine – Some great ebony ore here to mine. Shor’s Stone (a small mining village) is in the non snowy mountain range in between Windhelm and Riften, on the right hand side
Darkwater Crossing, inside Goldenrock Mine – at the south of Wildhelm in the far south of the swampland, where the river ends on the far left, you’ll find this small fishing village
Note: icons with two crossed pick-axes on the map signifies the location of a mine that will have materials to mine and even might house a pick-axe.

– Cook – You just need any cooking pot, a recipe (which are in the game in the “cook” menu when you click on the pot) and a load of ingredients. Ingredients can be found all over and for the pot, we used the Breezehome pot (the house that you can buy in Whiterun after you become Thane) with the following recipes being the easiest because the ingredients can be found in most barrels and in a lot of shops:

Apple Cabbage Stew – requires cabbage, red apple and salt pie
Cabbage Potato Soup – requires cabbage, leak, salt pie and potato
Salmon Steak – requires salmon meat and salt pie
Vegetable Soup – requires tomato, leek, potato, cabbage
Venison Chop – requires 1 venison and 1 salt pie
Venison Stew – requires leek, potato, 2 salt pies and venison

Thief Thief
Pick 50 locks and 50 pockets

This one can be annoying if it’s something you only start doing later in the game as it will require a lot of grinding. Take note of this from the start and it will be pretty easy.

Snake Tongue Snake Tongue
Successfully persuade, bribe, and intimidate

These are valuable things to be doing throught the game, should come naturally.

Blessed Blessed
Select a Standing Stone blessing

There is a good chance you will come across one of these while on your travels. See “Standing Stones” for a list of locations.

Standing Stones Standing Stones
Find 13 Standing Stones

There are 13 “standing stones” in all, which allows your character to carry one blessing with them until they overwrite it at another stone. Simply walk up to them, activate them and they the effects of it will work for you.

Before I delve into the locations, it’s worth noting that I hadn’t visited all 13 when I got the achievement, so I assume it counted every time I revisted them. Regardless, the locations of the 13 are as follows:

– The Thief Stone – Stealth skills learnt 20% faster
– The Mage Stone – Magic skills learnt 20% faster
– The Warrior Stone – Combat skills learnt 20% faster
Southwest of Riverwood, below a place called Anise’s Cabin. Shouldn’t miss them as you leave Helgen.

– The Ritual Stone – Once a day can reanimate nearby corpses to fight for them.
East of Whiterun slightly south of the river, between Whiterun and Valtheim Towers.

– The Atronach Stone – Larger pool of Magika and absorb spell damage, but recover it more slowly.
The best way to describe this is between Riften and Windhelm, in the marshland. It’s closer to Windhelm than Riften and just the otherside of the mountain range in between the two. It’s near the Eldergleam Sanctuary and the Darkwater Crossing (by the river) to the east of the two.

– The Shadow Stone – Once a day players can become invisible for an extended period.
South of Riften, in the small mountain in the middle before the big mountain range to the south.

– The Steed Stone – Can carry more and don’t suffer a movement penalty from armour.
On the tip of the highest mountain to the mountain, northwest of Solitude.

– The Lady Stone – Regenerate health and stamina more quickly.
In the lake to the west of Riverwood is a small island where you’ll find this stone.

– The Apprentice Stone – recover magicka more quickly, but are more susceptible to magika damage.
Just south of Solitude, on an island in the small water marshland, you’ll find this stone.

– The Tower Stone – Automatically open Expert or lower locks.
Smack bang in the middle of Winterhold and Dawnstar, up on a mountain.

– The Lover Stone – All skills improve faster.
Directly east of Markarth, about one fifth of the way to Solitude.

– The Lord Stone – More resistant to magika and physical damage.
Southwest of Dawnstar in the mountain range, on the northern peak.

– The Serpent Stone – Use a ranged paralyzing poison on an opponent once a day.
Directly east of Winterhold and north of Windhelm. In the sea on a floating iceberg of sorts

Citizen Citizen
Buy a house

Buy the cheapest house if you aren’t keen on actually using one.

Wanted Wanted
Escape from jail

Fairly easy.

Married Married
Get married

Well, despite only being worth 10G, it’s a bit of a rigmarole to get this achievement. Firstly, you have to head to Riften and speak to Maramal, who’ll be found inside the Temple of Mara, by the Thieves Guild’s back door. Ask him about the Temple (“I would like to know more about the temple”) then question marriage in Skyrim (“I could have a wedding at the temple?”) to which you follow up with “No, Not really.” Eventually he’ll offer to sell you the Amulet of Mara which you buy, equip and then get pulling.

You basically have to find someone who’s “interested” and then head to the temple to initiate the wedding. It’s easier than it sounds. This isn’t everyone either, so here’s a list (non-exhaustive) of people you can marry… if you can marry them, they’ll notice the amulet and say “Interested in me, are you?”

Artificer Artificer
Make a smithed item, an enchanted item, and a potion

Self explanitory.

Master Criminal Master Criminal
Bounty of 1000 gold in all nine holds

There are nine holds in Skyrim, of which there is either a major city or a major town, these are:

Falkreath (Falkreath)
Whiterun (Whiterun)
Morthal (Hjaalmarch)
Dawnstar (The Pale)
Winterhold (Winterhold)
Solitude (Haafinger)
Riften (The Rift)
Markarth (The Reach)
Windhelm (Eastmarch)
Basically, just head into each of those towns and cities and cause as much mayhem as possible… You’re best creating a save (once you’ve been to all 9 cities so you can fast travel) and heading to each town and killing as many people and guards as possible – 1 guard should do it, but if for some chance they don’t react when you hit/shoot them, then attack a civilian first.

Golden Touch Golden Touch
Have 100,000 gold

Sell everything you can. You can use skills and gear to improve the money you get from vendors. Sell everything you dont need rather than throwing it away.

Delver Delver
Clear 50 dungeons

What is a dungeon? That’s the first question. A dungeon might not necessarily be a dungeon in the classical sense, for instance, a clearing in the woods that is overrun by beasties and evil spirits might be classed as a dungeon. So whether you’re talking about a cottage full of evil spirits, a clearing, a fort, a proper dungeon and so on, as long as it’s its own separate icon on the map, with a few exceptions of course (monuments, major cities (and places within the cities), etc.) you should be able to “clear” it.

But wait, how do you clear it? Well, you basically go in and kill everything in there and grab every unique weapon/item/armour piece that’s found in there. In fact, we think killing stuff is enough actually. It’s that easy. The best thing is, if you bring up the menu, go to map, you’ll be able to see areas you’ve cleared with a “cleared” tag next to it. You’ll get this one as you work through the rest of the achievements, guaranteed. If you want to check your progress, there’s a stat in the stats area too.

Skill Master Skill Master
Get a skill to 100

Any skill will do. Should come naturally.

Explorer Explorer
Discover 100 Locations

Should come as you explore the game world.

Reader Reader
Read 50 Skill Books

Should come naturally.

Daedric Influence Daedric Influence
Acquire a Daedric Artifact

You will probably find one of these without having to look for one. For a full list of Daedric Artifacts, see “Oblivion Waker”

Oblivion Walker Oblivion Walker
Collect 15 Daedric Artifacts

Daedra within the Elder Scrolls series basically means divine and powerful beings. For the most part these beings and their actions are evil, so in getting 15 Daedric artefacts, the chances are you’re going to have to destroy plenty of evil spirits along the way. Some of the Daedric artefacts come from shrine missions, where you must interact with the spirit of the shrine and perform some crazy ol’ quest for them and others you’ll come across in Skyrim. In return, you get a Daedric artefact.

The truth is, these shrine missions and Daedric quests in general are some of the best missions in the game, so this won’t seem like that much of a chore and they take you to some interesting and wonderful places. Enjoy these! Well, most of them:

Mace of Molag Bal – “House of Horrors” quest in Markarth – As you walk past the abandoned house when you’re in the city – not the first time – someone will ask you to accompany them inside. Finish the quest (including finding the priest of Boethiah) and follow it through to the end to grab a Daedric artefact.

Dawnbreaker – “The Break of Dawn quest,” received at Statue to Merida – west of Solitude. It’s basically a fetch, return and dungeon crawl mission. Complete it for the Daedric artefact.

Spellbreaker – “The Only Cure” quest, received at the Shrine to Peryite, which can be found on the top of the mountain in between Markarth and Solitude. It’s worth activating early so you can keep an eye open for the goods on the shopping list. The actual quest itself is long and tough, so don’t tackle below a level 20, at least.

Sanguine’s Rose – In the Vilemyr Inn in Ivarstead you’ll meet a chap called Sam Guevenne who will challenge you to a drinking competition which will initiate the “Night to Remember” quest. Challenge him and then embark on one of the most amusing quests of Skyrim. Your reward is the Sanguine’s Rose staff. Note: Sam could actually turn up in any one of a number of inns in Skyrim, not just the one in Ivarstead (he’s been seen in Riften, plus many other places), so just keep an eye out as you explore and work through everything else.

The Black Star (or Azura’s Star) – If you head to Azura’s Shrine on the top of the big mountain, just south of Winterhold you can start “The Black Star” quest and eventually get The Black Star artefact (or Azura’s Star, depending on your choice at the end).

Wabbajack – Wandering the streets of Solitude is a chap called Derevin who wants you to get a message to his master. This will trigger “The Mind of Madness” quest where you’ll have to go to the Pegasus Wing in the Blue Palace and search for him. Complete the quest and get the artefact. Stuck? Need assistance in this quest? Quick note: you might find the waking up Pelagius sequence rather tricky, so basically the solution is this: shoot Pelgius with Wabbajack, shoot wolf, shoot goat, shoot bandit, shoot Pelagius, shoot Hagraven, shoot Pelagius, shoot Flame Atronach, shoot dragon priest, done. The paranoia sequence, shoot the king. And finally, the mind sequence, grow Pelagius twice and then grow anger once (with the Wabbajack).

Missable!! Mehrunes’ Razor – Sometime in the game you’ll get a message from a courier to visit the museum in Dawnstar – visit it. Visit it even if you don’t and start the “Pieces of the Past” quest to get your hands on Mehrunes’ Razor, which will send you to three places in Skyrim to get the three pieces of the sword. I get the feeling that you have to kill Silus at the end to forge the dagger and get the artefact, so do that, just in case.

Savior’s Hide (or the Ring of Hirscine) – In Falkreath at the Falkreath Barracks (east of town), downstairs in the Falkreath jail you’ll find a chap called Sinding who will give you his cursed ring and thus starts the quest, “Ill Met by Moonlight.” Whatever happens in the quest depends on which Daedric artefact you get.

Again, like the rest, you must choose to kill or risk not getting the reward. Note: yippy smalz offered this handy tip: “…it’s possible to get both Daedric artifacts in the quest “Ill met by moonlight.” You agree to help kill the hunters and then afterwards talk to Sigmund then kill him and skin him and you get the hide. Leave the cave and you get the ring.”

Missable!! Masque of Clavicus Vile – The first time you enter Falkreath (after you become a level 10) through the front gate the guard will mention something about the blacksmith’s dog going missing. Speak to him and then go after the dog. When you meet the dog you’ll initiate the “A Daedra’s Best Friend” quest and head off to Haemar’s Shame at the south of the large mountain with High Hrothgar on it – east of Helgen – note: you have to follow the dog but he has terrible path finding, so you could just meet him there. You’ll then set off to retrieve The Rueful Axe from Rimrock Burrow and return it. NOTE: Do NOT kill Barbas with the axe when you return, give it back to Clavicus and get the Daedric masque.

Oghma Infinium – During the main quest you’ll meet Septimus Sigmus who will send you off to get an Elder Scrolls. During this quest he will start another quest called “Discearning the Transmundane” where you’ll have to take an imprint of the Elder Scroll on his Lexicon. Giving that to Septimus then opens up the next stage: harvesting blood of an Orc, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, High Elf and Falmer – honestly, do this quest as early as possible so you can grab the blood as you go along. Every time you can harvest some blood it will give you an option when you interact with their corpse (harvest blood or search body). Get all 5 and head back to Septimus’ outpost, north of Winterhold. If you’re cu.

Volendrung – It is received from the Daedric Prince Malacath as a reward for completing quest “The Cursed Tribe.” look this guide for more info about the items:

Dragon Soul Dragon Soul
Absorb a dragon soul

Will unlock after you kill your first dragon and absorb the soul.

Dragon Hunter Dragon Hunter
Absorb 20 dragon souls

Can be tough if you are playing on hard. Pretty simple objective though.

Words of Power Words of Power
Learn all three words of a shout

Should come easily.

Thu'um Master Thu’um Master
Learn 20 shouts

Find shrines and learn 20 different shouts.

Apprentice Apprentice
Reach Level 5

Pretty simple.

Adept Adept
Reach Level 10

Also, pretty simple.

Expert Expert
Reach Level 25

Should come naturally as you progress.

Master Master
Reach Level 50

Getting to level 50 may not come naturally. You will have to go out of your way to do some work after completing the main story. Between the DLC and sidequests, it shouldnt be tough to get this. A little bit of grinding will also give you the final push if you need it.

Awakening Awakening
Complete “Awakening”

This is the quest given to you by Isran when you go to meet him for the first time at Dawnguard fort. Complete the quest and the achievement is yours.

When you are at the waypoint in the crypt and have some podiums surrounding you; you need to move the podiums until they light on fire. Do this for each one and then press the button on the podium in the middle. A monolith will rise up and some one will comeout.

Beyond Death Beyond Death
Complete “Beyond Death”

This quest leads off from the quest Chasing Echoes. In order to enter the Soul Cairn you must gather Purified Void Salts and Ground Bone meal. Both of which lie in the lab.

The ground bone meal should be downstairs on a table across the balcony on which the vessel stands. Sits on the left hand side of the table.

The purified void salts are on the far bookcase on the right hand side upstairs while facing the rest of the room.

On your way out Durnehviir should stop you and wish to talk. Oblige and he will give you a shout to summon him to Tamriel which you will need later to earn the Soul Tear Achievement. Just make sure you have his summoning shout before you leave the Soul Cairn.

-Kindred Judgment Complete “Kindred Judgment”
This leads off of the quest touching the sky. This is also the last quest in the main story for the Dawnguard DLC.

Kindred Judgement Kindred Judgement
Complete “Kindred Judgment”
Lost to the Ages Lost to the Ages
Complete “Lost to the Ages”

This is a sidequest from the DLC. There are 2 ways to trigger it. You can find a book called The Aetherium Wars or you can go to Arkngthamz and you can meet up with Katria’s ghost to activate the quest. This is a somewhat lengthy quest and you will need a good amount of lockpicks and a decent lockpicking skill (I was around 60) Also Bring a crossbow/bow and a good chunk of Arrows/bolts. Projectile style Destruction magic also works for the tonal locks.

The book ”The Aetherium Wars” can be found:

Dawnguard fort
Castle Volkihar Undercroft
Bard’s College
Hall of the Vigilant
Ruunvald Temple

Reach the summit of Arkngthamz
Solve the Tonal lock
Claim the treasure of Arkngthamz
Speak with Katria
Search for Aetherium Shards
Locate the Aetheium Forge
Retrieve Aetherium Crest
Stand Clear
Find Aetherium Forge
Shut off the steam
Defeat the guardians of the forge
Speak with Katria
Use the Aetherium forge
The tonal lock requires a a crossbow to complete. You must shoot each of the 5 parts in a certain order in order to unlock the door. Start bottom left to bottom right to top left to top right to middle.

You also have the option of getting more materials to use at the forge which if you just want the achievement just skip this extra part of the quest and use the forge to make 1 of the 3 items and then the achievement pops when you finish on the forge.

Soul Tear Soul Tear
Learn all three words of Soul Tear

You remember Durnehviir the dragon from the beyond death quest? In your conversation with him on your way to leave the Soul Cairn he gives you a shout to be able to summon him in Tamriel. Buy all three words of the shout.

Now each time you summon him in Tamriel he will teach you a word for a shout called soul tear. Summon him 3 times and the achievements yours. The shout must be aimed at the ground while charging the shout otherwise it will not summon him.

The main issue unlocking this achievement is finding a spot to summon him in. Since he needs to be able to fit uninterrupted. The windmills by whiterun worked for me and others aswell the area across the water from Harkon’s castle. Also make sure to charge up the shout otherwise it won’t summon him.

Auriel's Bow Auriel’s Bow
Use the special power of Auriel’s Bow

The earliest this is available is after you finish the quest touching the sky. You can do this on the balcony in which you claim the bow. Since the the bow comes with 12 sunhallowed just shoot 1 sunhallowed arrow directly into the sun. You can also do this with the blood tainted arrows you can get from Serana after the story is over.

Werewolf Mastered Werewolf Mastered
Acquire 11 werewolf perks

To become a werewolf you need to playthrough the companions guild from the main game for a little way. If you are already a werewolf when the DLC is installed then you can grind out this achievement before starting either questline if you wish.

If you lose lycanthropsy by becoming a vampire lord you can go back to Aela the Huntress once to get it back. If you lose it again you will need to revert back to a save in which you are a werewolf.

When picking you perks for the werewolf tree do the right branch first as it has has Savage feeding which feed off more then dead humans. Allows for feeding off dead animals like bears, horses and wolfs. This decreases the amount of time between feeding and gives you more things to gain experience off of.

The Ring of Hircine (a daedric artifact) also gives you an extra Werewolf transformation which comes in handy when grinding this achievement as you have less hassle with waiting so you can re-transform.

Vampire Mastered Vampire Mastered
Acquire 11 vampire perks

First chance you get to become a Vampire lord is after the quest Awakening. When you take Serana to her father Harkon. Harkon will offer you the gift of becoming a Vampire lord. If you take the Dawnguard route instead Serana has the ability to make you a vampire lord instead. She can change you infinitely.

The only perk I can recommend getting as soon as possible is unearthly will as it will increase the amount of times you can you the area drain attack before having to recharge. Do not have an ally with you while you do this as you need to be the killer, also save the perk night cloak for last as the bats will steal kills.

A New You A New You
Change your face

Go to the ragged flagon in Riften and talk to Galathil and pay her 1,000 gold. You don’t even have to actually to change anything as it pops right away.

Legend Legend
Defeat a Legendary Dragon

It is currently speculated that some where around level 70 is the absolute minimum that a legendary dragon will show up although the higher the level you are the more likely you are to run into one. I had to be 81 in order for it to show up for me. Although nothing is 100% confirmed what the level requirement is.

Proud Parent Proud Parent
Adopt a child

Upon downloading the DLC, a courier will arrive while you are inside a city and deliver you two letters: one advertising the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften and the other informing you that you can now build a children’s bedroom to accommodate the child.

Before even bothering to head to Riften, make sure you own a home and have built the children’s bedroom. If you’re adding it to an existing home (pre-DLC) it will replace your alchemical lab and cost 250 Gold (except in Windhelm and Solitude, which will not overwrite the lab but costs 3000 Gold). Otherwise, you’ll need to manually put in a child’s bed and child’s chest at any of the DLC homes.

Now that you have your house and children’s room, visit the orphanage and tell Constance Michel that you’d like to adopt. She’ll ask you to pick a home (probably only one choice unless you build multiple children’s rooms in multiple homes) as well as a child, so talk to one you like afterward and the achievement will unlock when you accept them.

A full list of adoptable children can be found here. Note that you do not have to have your wife at the home or even be married to do this!

Landowner Landowner
Buy a plot of land

See “Land Baron” for more information.

Architect Architect
Build three wings on a house

See “Master Architect” for more information.

Land Baron Land Baron
Buy three plots of land

There are three new plots available in this DLC at Dawnstar, Falkreath and Morthal. To puchase the lots, you need to be in good standing with the Jarl of each city (which may require completing quests) and pay 5000 Gold.

Master Architect Master Architect
Build three houses

To satisfy this and Architect, you will need to fully build on all three available plots of land (so get “Land Baron” unlocked first). This will include the three available wing additions to the houses. To most quickly do this, make sure you have a steward at the house (list) and a sizable bank account to purchase materials. You’ll want to buy out blacksmiths of their Iron and Corundum ingots, and then order plenty of stone and wood from your steward. Use the anvil to create a large supply of locks, nails, hinges and iron fittings as well.

Once you’ve got a large supply of materials, use the drafting table near your home to setup the outline. Then step over to the carpenter’s workbench to begin building up the structure. Once you have the house built, you can add the main hall in the same fashion and convert the small house into an entryway. Then you’ll choose one wing at a time from each section (north, west and east) and build them up in the same fashion as well. Once all three homes have been built up completely with three wings the achievement will unlock.

If at any time you run out of materials, simply order more from your steward or fast travel to a town for more ingots and create the needed materials from the anvil again.

Outlander Outlander
Arrive on Solstheim

This achievement is obtained after you first arrive in the new island of Solstheim, during the very first quest to start the DLC. To start the DLC, you must be inside one of the major cities, where you will be attacked by cultists. You will recognize them as they will be wearing robes which are only just introduced in this DLC. After dispatching your attackers, search both of their bodies to find a note and read it. This will then activate a quest for you to go and speak with a ships captain, who can be found on his ship just outside Windhelm. After a small conversation, he will eventually, albeit, reluctantly agree to take you to Solstheim, thus starting the DLC.

Also, it seems you have to have completed the mission, ‘The Way of the Voice’ in the main Skyrim game and received the quest ‘The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller’ for the attack to trigger.

The Temple of Miraak The Temple of Miraak
Complete “The Temple of Miraak”

Part of the main quest line.

The Path of Knowledge The Path of Knowledge
Complete “The Path of Knowledge”

Part of the main quest line.

At the Summit of Apocrypha At the Summit of Apocrypha
Complete “At the Summit of Apocrypha”

Part of the main quest line.

Dragon Aspect Dragon Aspect
Learn all 3 words of Dragon Aspect

Hidden Knowledge Hidden Knowledge
Learn the secrets of 5 Black Books

Stalhrim Crafter Stalhrim Crafter
Craft an item out of Stalhrim

Stalhrim is a new material introduced in Dragonborn. To craft weapons and armor with this material you must first be able to mine it, then be able to craft it.

To mine Stalhrim, you will need an ancient nordic pickaxe, that you can acquire from the Raven Rock blacksmith, Glover Mallory. It was stolen from him and he asks you to retrieve it from Crescius Caerellius. This is a simple and short task and upon returning to Glover Mallory, he will allow you to keep it.

To be able to craft Stalhrim weapons and armor you will need to be taught how to do it by the Skaal village blacksmith named, Baldor Iron-Shaper.

Before you go looking for him, you must first finish a quest in Skaal village from the town leader, Fanari Strong-Voice, who will task you with taking out a bandit leader. After you have completed this, ask around town until someone tells you about the blacksmith who has gone missing. This will then activate a mission for you to go and rescue him from his kidnappers who are trying to get his secrets to crafting with Stalhrim.

When you have rescued him, he will ask you to go and retrieve a map from a newly arrived Thalmor leader, which shows Stalhrim locations on Solstheim. After you retrieve this map and take it back to Baldor Iron-Shaper, he will finally share his secrets to crafting Stalhrim, allowing you to create Stalhrim weapons and armor.

As soon as you create your first item the achievement will unlock.

*Note. You will need to have at least a level 80 in Blacksmithing and the perk to be able to craft Ebony to be able to craft with Stalhrim.

Dragonrider Dragonrider
Tame and ride 5 dragons

During the story of this DLC, you will learn a new shout called ‘Bend will’.

Raven Rock Owner Raven Rock Owner
Own a house in Raven Rock

You can get a free house after completing a series of side quests. The first of these is called ‘March of the Dead’ and is acquired from the town Guards captain, Captain Veleth, just outside and south of Raven Rock at a location called ‘Old Attius Farm’ when you save him from being killed.

The second required quest is called ‘The Final Descent’ and is acquired from Crescius Caerellius who can be found just inside the entrance of Raven Rock Mine. The mission takes you through the mine, so you can start it immediately upon acquiring it.

The third and final required mission is called ‘Served Cold’ and can only be activated once ‘The Final Descent’ has been completed. This too is acquired from Captain Veleth, who then sends you to one of the towns councilors to start the mission.

the reward for this final mission is a property in Raven Rock and upon receiving this reward, the achievement will unlock.

Solstheim Explorer Solstheim Explorer
Discover 30 locations on the island of Solstheim

For this achievement you need to have discovered 30 seperate locations on your Solstheim map. An undiscovered location on your HUD radar will be a black image with a white outline. To discover it you need to walk up to it until you get an onscreen message saying for example, ‘Brodir Grove Discovered’, in large white writing. When a location is discovered, the image on your HUD radar will turn into a white image with a black outline.

You will travel to a minimum of 10 locations just doing the main quest, but travelling to your quest destinations will undoubtedly allow you to discover more locations.

You only need 30 locations and there are a total of 58 in Solstheim, so there are more than enough to obtain the achievement without much effort.