The Adventures of Tree Achievement Guide

  • Author : Easy Target
  • Time To Complete : 30-40 hours
  • Difficulty : 6
  • Online : 0/93
  • Offline : 93/93
  • Missable :
  • Glitched :
  • Num Playthroughs : 1
Achievement Guide
Chef's Helper Chef’s Helper
Complete all quests from Chef El Franko.

His restaurant is located in farming village.

His quests:

  • Bring 3 corns from fishing village.
  • Bring 2 garlics.
  • Bring 5 onions. [not sure about count]
  • Bring 3 peppers. You can find 2 at the market in fishing village.


Accomplice In Crime Accomplice In Crime
Bail the Hobo out of prison.

Hire Hobo for stealing a few times. He will try to steal from ranger and get caught. Then speak to ranger and pay 5 coins for Hobo freedom.

Money to Spare Money to Spare
Buy a total of 10 burgers.

You can buy them in shop to the west of farming village. One burger costs 6 coins.

Rich Man Rich Man
Save up a total of 500 coins.

You gain coins from quests and selling items at market in fishing village. For example red flowers, growing near your house costs 5 coins each.

Spider Slayer Spider Slayer
Kill 10 Spiders.

You can find spiders in caves and abandoned houses.

Hawaiian Party Hawaiian Party
Complete all quests from the hawaiian girl.

She lives in fishing village.

His quests:

  • Bring 3 healing apples from swamp.
  • Bring starfish from island.
  • Bring 3 cave flowers.
  • Bring 2 pink butterflies.
Cozy and Warm Cozy and Warm
Equip the Boarskin hat.

You can get Boarskin hat from quest, which takes place in cave to the east of mountain village.


Jump of Faith Jump of Faith
Get the watermelon.

When you first enter the island go into the woods, climb the wooden bridges to the top, go left, in the next screen. The watermelon is located in this screen, you just have to explore around the wooden bridge. Remember you can use “down plus jump” to jump down the ledges.

A Little Blue Friend A Little Blue Friend
Catch the Blue Gweed.

You can catch it in crystal caves.

Helmet of Victory. Helmet of Victory.
Defeat The Florp General Boss.

Kill the final boss in hills village. I recommend you to have medkit (Buy it from nurse in jungle village), diamond shield, diamond/legendary sword.

A Little Green Friend A Little Green Friend
Catch the Green Gweed.

Buy net in the shop to the west of farming village to catch birds, butterflies and this creature also. Net costs 30 coins. You can catch it to the west of your home.

War War
Cause a war.

You must drop plums in the hills village cave (the one that gets barricaded off after winning the game) and the Umbees will follow them until they fall down the hole in the ground. Then drag them purple Umbees over to the orange Umbees, and bam, achievement unlcoked.

Airship Engineer Airship Engineer
Complete all quests from Master Mclean.

He lives at mountain base.
His quests:

  • Get the bag of nails.
  • Bring 10 cloth. (Quest for it in fishing village, check the boy near strawberry)
  • Mine 5 iron from his mine.
Master of the Skies Master of the Skies
Defeat the Pirate Boss.

You will meet him while flying at the airship. You may pay him 200 coins to avoid fight, but its better to kill him. He drops pirate sword and hat.

Jubilee Jam Jubilee Jam
Complete all quests from Frank.

Frank is standing near El Franko restaurant.

  • Bring 3 red apples. (find them to the east of farming village)
  • Bring 7 currant berries. (they grow at swamp)
  • Bring 4 strawberries. (one grows in fishing village)
Luck Luck
Earn 40 coins from sheer luck.

When your character’s luck >0, coin appears sometimes. It takes ~1 hour to accumulate 40 coins.

Half Life Half Life
Get reduced to using a crowbar.

Equip crowbar and hit smth with it. You can take it at his airship during flight.

Sailing Is Fun Sailing Is Fun
Complete all quests from the two fishers.
Old Man Old Man
Eat 100 plums.

Plums spawn to the west of Hills village. There are 15 of them. Respawn takes ~1-2 game days.

Ready to Mine Ready to Mine
Dress up in full mining gear.

Equip pickaxe, modern lantern and miner’s helmet. You can buy it all in mountain village.

Hostile Pet Hostile Pet
Lure a crow home with you.

Find crow to the east of farming village and wait till it attacks you. Then go home, ignoring damage from it. I reccomend to have > 5 defense for this achievement.

Bad Planning Bad Planning
Kill a Mini Florp with a wooden sword.

Florp general summons mini florps during fight. Just kill one of them with wooden sword. You can buy sword in the shop to the west of farming village.

Honey Is Yummy Honey Is Yummy
Eat some honey.

You can get honey from hive to the east of your house.

Save The Best For Last Save The Best For Last
Beat the game with the God Apple in your inventory.

God apple = green apple. It grows on the tree near your house and costs 100 coins but if you finish the game with this apple you will get this achievement.

Passcode Passcode
Find out the secret code.

You can buy secret code from this one in mountain base for 20 coins. Door is located in cave to the left of this guy.

Code generates randomly, so dont forget it!


Flying Colours Flying Colours
Have all the three types of butterfly at the same time.

You can catch blue and pink butterflies in mountain base and red near door for Passcodeachievement.

Crabby Slayer Crabby Slayer
Kill 5 Crabbies in a single playthrough.

You can find Crabbies under water, to the west of fishing village.

Level 10 Level 10
Reach level 10.

One of the fastest ways: Kill bees while fighting Queen Bee. She appears randomly after taking honey from hive. Chance of appearing ~33%

Double Jump Double Jump
Get the Candy.

You can get it in Master Mclean’s mine, mountain base. To gain access to his mine, you should complete his first quest( bring him 10 cloth). Also, you need jump high enough, spend some stat points to jump skill or buy boost hat in fishing village (+6 jump)

Flower Hunt Flower Hunt
Complete all quests from the Florist.

She is standing to the left of El Franko restaurant.

Her quests:

  • Bring 3 frozen flowers. (Near Mountain village)
  • Bring 4 yellow flowers. (To the west of Mountain base)
  • Bring 3 water flowers (To the west of fishing village, under water)
Plagiarism Plagiarism
Help start a new line of jam.

Finish 2 quests for this guy in fishing village.

Find secret ingredient for 1st quest. Hire the hobo to steal, he will steal it for you.
Find 10 glow fruits in caves for 2nd quest. Now you can buy jam.

Green and Slimy Green and Slimy
Clear the swamp of its frogs.

Catch all 6 frogs with net at swamp.

Spicket Glue Spicket Glue
Complete all quests for the Glue Maker.

He is standing far to the left of farming village.
Her quests:

  • Bring 4 fish. (swamp, in the pond 3 of them)
  • Bring 5 spicket jelly. (You can buy it in farming village)
  • Bring 5 frogs (Catch them with net at swamp)
  • Bring 3 slime membranes (swamp)
  • Bring 8 glup plants (monkey village, jungle village)
Dreamer Dreamer
Visit Dream Land.

Eat secret plant before going to bed. You can find this plant in the pot, in B&B house, Hills village.
In Dream Land you can get Dream helmet and sword.

A Little Magenta Friend A Little Magenta Friend
Catch the magenta Gweed.

You can catch it to the west of Jungle village.

Bridge Builder Bridge Builder
Complete all quests for the Builder.

He is standing to the east of jungle village.
His quests:

  • Bring 10 clay bricks. (You can buy clay in farming village, then use furnace to get bricks)
  • Bring 7 bamboo sticks. (to the east of swamps)
  • Bring 2 spicket glue (Buy it from Glue Maker after finishing her quests)


Deep and Dark Deep and Dark
Defeat the VeeZofooz Boss.

You can summon him by mining all 8 crystals in crystal cave.

Red and Mushy Red and Mushy
Kill 10 Shroom Slimes.

They live in caves to the west of Rokzin village.

Glowing Head Glowing Head
Eat 20 Glowfruits.

You can find them in caves to the east of mountain base.

Pirate Pirate
Steal money while dressed as a pirate.

Equip eyepatch, pirate hat and sword. Then steal a wallet at market (or watermill, or in house with pumpkin) You can buy eyepatch in fishing village. Pirate boss drops pirate hat and sword.

Spider or Cricket Spider or Cricket
Kill 20 Spickets.

Entrance to the cave with this enemies is located to the right of beehive, at the same screen.

Level 20 Level 20
Reach level 20.

Nothing to say about it. Just play and kill enemies.

Persuasion Persuasion
Make a Deal with the Florp General.

Good ending. Bring 8 crystals from crystal cave to Florp General in Hills village. You can mine crystals in cave with pickaxe.

A Little Yellow Friend A Little Yellow Friend
Catch the Yellow Gweed.

You can catch it at top level of island.

Spooky Tree Spooky Tree
Dress up in full aztek gear.

Equip Tribal mask and tomahawk. Both of items you can buy in fishing village.

Archer Archer
Make 30 kills with a bow.

Buy bow and arrows in jungle village and go kill bees ^_^ (weakest enemy in the game)

Winner Winner
Win the Daily Prize 3 times.

Wheel is located in fishing village. Buy better tickets to increase your chances.

Addiction Addiction
Buy a total of 100 tickets.

Cheapest ticket costs 5 coins.

Lucky Thing Lucky Thing
Win the Jackpot!

It depends of your luck. I won it for ~20-30 tickets.

Pyromaniac Pyromaniac
Light 50 creatures on fire.

You can set on fire enemies with fire arrows or fire sword.

Stone Destructor Stone Destructor
Defeat the Rokinight Boss.

You can fight him after completing 3 quests from chief in Rokzin village.
His quests:

  • Pay 200 coins to him.
  • Kill 3 worms without taking any damage.
  • Reach Mountains without weapons (put them to chest and fast travel to mountain)
  • Kill Rokinight Boss.


Hive Queen Hive Queen
Defeat the Queen Bee Boss

It appers every time you collect 3rd honey from hive. This boss drops Bee sword, which you need to use for another achievement.

Big Bad Bird Big Bad Bird
Defeat Big Blue.

You can summon it by dropping 8 feathers at the top of island mountain. There is a sign with feather. This boss drops blue’s feather (+5 jump height and +5 health regen) and blue blade (45 attack and provides light)

Cursed Cursed
Gain Access to the Sunken Temple.

You can find entrance to the Sunken Temple under water to the west of fishing village. To gain access you need to do following steps:
1. Get red gem from cave (See Passcode achievement)
2. Get blue game from crystal cave (Mine 8 crystals, defeat the boss, destroy wall to the right of cave, mine the gem.
3. Get green gem from scorpions cave on the island. To access it, you must mine the cracked bricks on the clay bridge. Then mine the gem.
4. Go to the entrance and put gems in that order: red, blue, green. Each time a stone is put into the chest one of the symbols on the door will light up. The stones must be placed in order of the colors shown on the door or the combination will fail and you will have to start over.

Rock On Rock On
Capture the Florp General.

Ally with rocks to get this ending. See Stone Destructor achievement. After that you will go with rocks chief to hills village, but this part is currently broken. Fixed 24.04.16

??? ???
Kill it.

Kill giant jelly boss in Sunken Temple.

Creepy Creepy
Get the bloody knife.

Stealing a wallet (at market/watermill/swamp) gives a 50% chance for every night that tribal warrior will wait near your house. He will take all of your money and send to the hell. Proceed to the right side of hell and bring bloody knife.

Old Timer Old Timer
Discover the Sepia effect.

Press [O] button.

Stinging Etle Stinging Etle
Kill 10 Etle with the Bee Blade.

Etle are type of enemies similar to bees. They live in Sunken Temple. You can can bee Blade from Queen Bee boss.

Default Breakfast Default Breakfast
Eat Bacon and Eggs together.

Make omelet with eggs and eat it after cooked bakon. You can find bakon in Hills village.

Golden Tree Golden Tree
Find and equip all the secret Golden Gear.

Equip sword, shield and helmet. The sword is in the cave under waterfall to the left of your house. The helmet is behind the one-way door in the jungle, and the shield is near the monkey village.

Bad Tree Bad Tree
Disobey Mr. Tutorial in every way possible.

You have to first walk to the left of your home while in the tutorial, he will then put up a barrier and say no. Then you must go to the right of the oldman scene and he will again say no and put up a barrier. Now you must click ask for quest on the old man and then deny his quest. This will unlock the achievement.

Bu Die Not Buddy Bu Die Not Buddy
Harvest 20 Budi plants.

It grows at island mountain. Its possible to collect 9 of them each time you visit location.

Elite Elite
Wear the golden hat while being a gold colored tree.

Choose yellow color for body while creating your character. Buy golden hat from trader in rokzin village.

Midnight Cruise Midnight Cruise
Go sailing at night.

Before sail at night, you need to complete following quests:
1. Find fishing hat at the monkeys camp in Jungle.
2. Buy 6 slime goo from trader in farming village.

Then wait night and go sailing, both achievements pop up at the same time.

Pack Rat Pack Rat
Have a full inventory and backpack.

Also you need to have an item in every slot on your character (sun glasses, shield, backpack, sword, helmet) This achievement works only with 9 slot backpack. You can buy it to the west of farming village.

I Hate Them I Hate Them
Kill 100 Piranha.

Piranha is a small jungle fish. You can kill ~20 of them each time you visit jungle village.

Stinging Hurts Stinging Hurts
Kill 20 Scorpions.

They live at island.

He Hates You He Hates You
Level your Luck stat to level 10.

You gain 1 stats point for each level up. Upgrade you luck 10 times, thats it. Also you can find hat in shed at swamp, which gives you 8 luck.

Basically a Farmer Basically a Farmer
Reach level 50.

After finishing the game you will be at level ~30. To gain 50 level you can eat Gingerbread Formongers (+1 level each) or farm Big Blue. You can summon him as many times as you want.

Slumber Party Slumber Party
Have a sleep over at a party.

Buy bedroll in rokzin village. Go to the shore, and sleep in the house, where music is playing.

Tribal Boss Tribal Boss
Equip full tribal gear.

Tribal set is lying in closed shed at island. To open it, you need shed key from island village.

Master Adventurer Master Adventurer
Explore all the locations on the map.

You need to visit all locations showed at map, including Sunken Temple.

Poisoned Mind Poisoned Mind
Eat 10 poison fruit.

It grows in house, hills village. Its possible to get 3 of them each time you visit this place.

Get every ending.

Get following achievements at 1 computer:

  • Persuasion
  • Helmet of Victory
  • Rock On
  • Escape Plan
Huh? Huh?
Confuse a shark.

Equip a tribal mask when shark is close to you. You can find shark at the most east location under water. You can buy tribal mask at black market under fishing village.

Good Boy Good Boy
Get a present from Santa.

Drom milk and Gingerbread Formonger on kitchen in your house and go sleep. Santa will eat food and give you present.
Milk – in the shop to the west of farming village, Gingerbread Formonger – as daily prize in fishing village.

Festive Festive
Equip the Santa hat.

You can get it as daily prize from wheel in fishing village.

Sugar Makes You Smarter? Sugar Makes You Smarter?
Eat 3 Gingerbread Formongers.

You can win them as daily prize in fishing village.

Escape Plan Escape Plan
Help the Formongers Escape Formagetus.

You need to build a village with the help of formagetus on island mountain. You need complete his quests:

  • Kill a monster. (See infestation achievement)
  • Bring 20 rex hide.
  • Bring 10 cloth.
  • Bring 10 logs.
  • Bring 12 twigs.
  • Bring 20 clay bricks.
  • Bring 4 spicket glue.

It is bad ending. You loose fast travel option after it.

Buy happy pill from trader in Jungle village. There is 10% chance to get sick.

Drug Addict Drug Addict
Try each type of pill.

Buy and eat every of 8 types. All of them you can buy from trader in Jungle village.

Infestation Infestation
Defeat the Mutated Formonger.

You can summon it by dropping Mystical Shroom in the dark part of the Island Woods.
Boss loot: Infested Blade (45 attack), wild lantern (provides light, 2 health regen), 3-6 green mushrooms.

Master Master
Dress up in Chinese warrior gear.
Bad Life Choices Bad Life Choices
Kill 20 Dark Beings…

Dark Beings are type of enemies, that appers every ~30 seconds when you are dependent on smoking. Buy sigarette from trader in fishing village, then light it in furnace and equip. After 10-15 minutes dark Beings start spawn.

Yummy Yummy
Eat an orange.

Buy fruit hat in mountain village. Equip it and wait till it drops you orange. Eat orange, thats it.

A Legend Among Us A Legend Among Us
Get 20 kills with the Legendary Sword.

Kill any 20 enemies with it. For example bees and spickets. You can get Legendary Sword from chest in Sunken Temple. To open the door you need to put skeleton key to the chest at the entrance.

Disaster Disaster
Freeze to death with a warm hat on.

Buy Yellow Togue in mountain village. Equip it and go to snow area of map. Wait couple of minutes till death.

Official Trader Official Trader
Sell 100 items at the market.

Market is located under fishing village.

Bee Angry Bee Angry
Kill 100 angry bees.

Angry bees spawn when you take honey from beehive. You can find hive to the east of your house.

Pumpkin Offender Pumpkin Offender
Offend a Pumpkin.

Interact with Pumpkin to offend him. He is located at swamps in his house.

Secret Access Secret Access
Gain access to the Hills Tower.

You need a purple key to open the door. To gain it, you should buy a dog at market for 3 honey and 100 coins. Go to the cave with key, and order the dog to fetch.

In Hills Tower you can get Florp Cleaver (90 attack and 2 health regen) and purple apples (you need them for Apple Collector achievement.

Apple Collector Apple Collector
Have all the colors of apples at the same time.

You need to have 5 sorts of apples in your inventory at the same time.
1. Healing apple – at swamp
2. Red apple – to the east of farming village
3. Green apple – growing at tree near your house (it doesnt respawn!)
4. Gold apple – lying in the house at swamps.
5. Purple apple – in the Hill Tower (see Secret Access achievement)